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ATL Landmarks

Atlanta Landmarks

Southern Exchange Ballrooms

Many native Atlantans will remember getting dressed in their finest to visit the Davison-Paxson department store on the now historic corner of Peachtr...

Crest Lawn Cemetery

Crestlawn Memorial Park was established as a public burial place in 1916. Situated on approximately 145 acres, replete with rolling hills and establis...

Palmetto Historic Train Depot

Image of train depot

Historic Train Depot

Our Train Depot, located at 549 Main Street at the corner of Main Street and Church Street, is a great pla...

City of Jackson Parking Lot

This parking lot is catty corner to the Jackson Presbyterian Church.

Georgia Guidestones

Elberton’s granite monument two hours outside of Atlanta is the closest thing Georgia has to Stonehenge. Built in 1980 by a man (or group of men) know...

The Howard House

No description provided

Margaret Mitchell House

The house where much of Gone with the Wind was written beckons to tourists and native Atlantans alike who want to understand more about the author of ...

Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historical Park

This strip of destinations along Auburn Avenue provides a variety of ways to learn about the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s life and legacy. At the bir...

Westview Cemetery Inc.

By far the city’s largest, this sprawling cemetery dates back to 1884 and contains tombs for such notables as Joel Chandler Harris, Henry Grady, and C...

Decatur Cemetery

The 58-acre cemetery located just off Decatur’s town square is the oldest known publicly owned burial ground in metro Atlanta. With more than 20,000 g...

Marietta National Cemetery

Located on 23 acres, the national cemetery was established in 1866 to provide a resting place for more than 10,000 Union soldiers killed during Sherma...

Oakland Cemetery

Atlanta’s most historic and picturesque cemetery holds the remains of Margaret Mitchell, Bobby Jones, once-enslaved individuals, and nearly 7,000 Conf...

Landmarks Past


What once was ground zero for the dance-till-dawn queer crowd was Atlanta’s party melting pot before it closed in 2004. Charlie Brown’s X-Rated Cabare...

Richard’s Club (Original Atlanta)

Richard’s is an Atlanta club that was big in the 1970s. Iggy and the Stooges (forerunner to Iggy Pop) played a 1973 show at this Midtown club that peo...

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