Neighborhoods - Neighborhood Issue 2015

Residents showcase the underappreciated charms of their neighborhoods

For All Content: Neighborhood Issue 2015

For about the last decade, Creative Loafing’s annual Neighborhood Guide has primarily served as a location guide to metro Atlanta, focusing on where to eat, shop, drink, dance, etc. Telling the story of a neighborhood through its amenities has its benefits, but it can also be restrictive, not to mention paint an incomplete picture of the city. We often ended up talking about certain neighborhoods year after year and consistently passed over others, something that never felt right. The launch of CL’s Atlanta City Guide in 2014 created an opportunity to reimagine the Neighborhood Issue as a conversation about the city from the point of view of its more than 240 communities.

Major deals are being announced and transformational projects are being proposed at head-spinning rates. The 2015 Neighborhood Issue looks at the change — or lack thereof — throughout Atlanta and considers how the pieces fit together, from the role of NPUs to APS’ proposed move to a new charter system to thinking beyond the Beltline. We explored some of Atlanta’s lesser-known communities, marveled at the weirdness of neighborhood listservs, and asked you which neighbors deserve recognition. It’s all in an effort to understand who Atlanta is right now and talk about what the missing pieces might be.

When it comes to going out, CL would never leave you hanging. Much more expansive than any Neighborhood Guide we ever published, the Atlanta City Guide lives in print (new issue coming in May) and online at ( for mobile). It’s a beautiful and streamlined site with about 1,000 CL-recommended locations for dining, nightlife, culture, shopping, and lodging, overviews of more than 30 metro neighborhoods, and tips from locals you love such as DJ Princess Cut, Michi Meko, Susan Archie, and more. The Atlanta City Guide publishes three new See & Do lists every week, so there’s no shortage of ideas for where to go and what to do.

Need restaurant recommendations? We got you. Want to debate the future of Turner Field? We got you there, too. Want to better understand how neighborhoods function and play a role in the city we call home? Read on.

- Debbie Michaud, Editor

Contributors - Max Blau, Rodney Carmichael, Eric Cash, Cleo Durham, Gavin Godfrey, EmilyGriffin, Ed Hall, Kaylyn Hinz, Meagan Mastriani, Debbie Michaud, Chad Radford, Thomas Wheatley.