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Concert Picks

Concert Picks

Tennis play Terminal West Jan. 29 Article

Sunday February 4, 2018 10:19 pm EST
The husband and wife team of Patrick Riley and Alaina Moore return playing songs from 'Yours Conditionally' | more...

David Rawlings plays Variety Playhouse Jan. 25 Article

Friday January 26, 2018 10:55 pm EST
The Nashville-based country and Americana star returns playing songs from his latest album, 'Poor David’s Almanack' | more...

Surveying experimental Georgia on tape Article

Friday January 26, 2018 10:25 am EST
Null Zone issues two new cassettes from Atlanta's outsider scene | more...

Melange brings new sounds to the city Article

Monday January 8, 2018 04:57 pm EST
Caleb Herron and Margot Rood showcase music for percussion and soprano | more...

In a silent way Article

Friday January 5, 2018 08:51 am EST
Signal and the Noise showcases new music for silent films | more...

FEAR OF FEAR: Boris rising Article

Thursday January 4, 2018 01:56 pm EST
The Atlanta metal label preps for a year of extreme darkness | more...

Ohmpark Fest returns Article

Thursday January 4, 2018 09:34 am EST
The annual local music gathering brings Sister Sai, Goldyard, Beije, and more to 529 and the Earl | more...

Jordan Reynolds plays Smith's Olde Bar Jan. 10 Article

The Rose Hotel singer and guitarist shares the stage with Emily Braden and Ben Stalets
Tuesday January 2, 2018 04:21 pm EST

Lyonnais plays its first show in nearly two years Article

The long-standing post-punk provocateurs play songs from 2016's 'Anatomy of the Image' and more
Thursday December 28, 2017 02:59 pm EST

Lyonnais debuted in 2011, with the Want For Wish For Nowhere LP (Hoss), exploring the gray area between post-punk and industrial-grade drone rock. Since then, the group's second LP Anatomy of the Image (Geographic North) elevated the group to rise above and beyond Atlanta's ever-changing post-punk scene. Entire years have gone between shows, though, as Lee Tesche (guitars, also of Algiers),...

| more...

Infernal Coil plays the Earl Dec. 27 Article

The grinding death metal trio wields scorched, high-velocity blasts of apocalyptic rhythms and chaos
Tuesday December 26, 2017 05:04 pm EST

Infernal Coil is the cryptic and grinding death metal tormentor casting an ominous shadow from its home in Boise, Idaho. The group, rounded out by guitarist Glum, drummer Blight, and singer and guitarist Fol̼s (aka Blake Connally, formerly of Atlanta grindcore outfit Dead In the Dirt), wields scorched, high-velocity blasts of apocalyptic rhythm and chaos that drive like forces of nature...

| more...

Abby Gogo plays the Earl Christmas night Article

Twin brothers Bon and Jon Allinson and Puma Navarro return to the stage after a two-year hiatus
Monday December 25, 2017 05:30 pm EST


It's been nearly two years since Abby Gogo took the stage.

On Christmas night, singers, guitarists, and twin brothers Bon and Jon Allinson and drummer Puma Navarro rekindle their slow burning and psychedelic dirges, steeped in equal parts '60s pop spaciousness and garage rock rhythms. A Drug Called Tradition and Low Valley Hearts also perform.

Free. 9:30 p.m. Mon., Dec. 25. The...

| more...

Hard Reset fest fosters camaraderie within the experimental music scene Article

Soothsayer, Zap Brautigan, MothSweat, and more acts round out the lineup
Thursday December 21, 2017 06:17 pm EST
Forged from a desire to incite more conversation and camaraderie within the experimental music community, the first annual Hard Reset Festival offers up a night of celebration in sound manipulation. Created as an experiment in itself, Hard Reset is an ardent attempt to collide the circles of like-minded artists by showcasing talents from every sub sect of the experimental music community. The... | more...

Rock promoters Alex Cooley and Peter Conlon get their own highway Article

The Georgia music legends are now immortalized by a stretch of road near the Byron Raceway
Tuesday December 19, 2017 06:43 pm EST

On Dec. 15, a stretch of highway 341 in Peach County, Georgia, was renamed the Cooley-Conlon Highway, after promoters Alex Cooley and Peter Conlon.

Cooley, who died at his home in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, on Dec. 1, 2015, at the age of 76, was best known as the man who brought rock music to Atlanta. As a promoter, his place in the history of music throughout the Southeast cannot be...

| more...

A Charlie Brown Christmas turns 10 Article

Jeffrey Bützer and Co. bring Vince Guaraldi’s seasonal soundtrack to life
Thursday December 14, 2017 06:31 pm EST
  | more...

Larkin Poe plays Terminal West Thurs., Dec. 21 Article

Sisters Rebecca and Megan Lovell show off songs from their latest album, 'Peach'
Thursday December 14, 2017 03:07 pm EST
The multi-instrumentalist Lovell sisters, Rebecca and Megan, received instant credibility when they opened for and backed Elvis Costello on his 2015/16 mostly acoustic Detour concert run. The Atlanta siblings' 2017 album, proudly titled Peach, finds the sisters exploring their blues roots with tantalizing covers from traditional deep delta artists such as Son House and Robert Johnson along with... | more...

Kamasi Washington plays Variety Playhouse Dec. 8 Article

The face of modern jazz returns supporting his latest release, 'Harmony of Difference'
Thursday December 7, 2017 08:55 pm EST

Tenor saxophonist Kamasi Washington has taken up the mantle as the face of modern jazz. His sprawling, larger-than-life orchestrations and sharp improvisational instincts are bound by intangible spiritual currents, and anchored to terra firma by oceanic rhythms and the human sway of a large cast of players, many of whom have spent a lifetime playing music together. Washington's latest...

| more...

Cannibal Corpse plays the Masquerade Dec. 7 Article

America's premiere death metal band plays songs from its latest album, 'Red Before Black'
Thursday December 7, 2017 02:03 pm EST
Cannibal Corpse, America's premiere death metal band, is on the road again, playing songs from the group's latest album, Red Before Black. The coming year marks 30 years of extreme metal, growling demon voices, and gore-splattered head banging for Cannibal Corpse. The sheer antagonistic presence the group brings to the stage transcends time, taste, and mortal fear. The experience culminates in... | more...

Gary Numan's 'Savage' world Article

On Trump: 'The more I saw, the more I was inspired to write'
Thursday December 7, 2017 05:15 am EST

For nearly four decades, Gary Numan has remained a singularly progressive fixture in the evolution of British new wave and electronic music. Beginning with the U.K. success of Tubeway Army's 1979 single "Are 'Friends' Electric?" and finding worldwide acclaim with "Cars" from his '79 solo album The Pleasure Principle, Numan has chased his synthetic muse through an ever-changing landscape of...

| more...

Bully plays Terminal West Dec. 13 Article

The Nashville indie rock trio shows off songs from its latest Sub Pop release, 'Losing'
Sunday December 3, 2017 02:42 pm EST
Since releasing 2015’s debut album, Feels Like, Bully signed with Sub Pop and spent most of the group’s time tucked away in the studio, making cathartic indie rock. On the Nashville trio’s latest album, Losing, lead singer Alicia Bognanno channels tortured and triumphant versions of herself via songs such as “Feel the Same,” “ Kills To Be Resistant,” and “Either Way.” Each song exposes the... | more...

Rittz plays the Loft Dec. 12 Article

The rapid-fire North Atlanta rapper plays songs from his latest album, 'Last Call'
Sunday December 3, 2017 02:10 pm EST

CupcakKe headlines an evening of sex-positive raps at the Loft Dec. 1 Article

Junglepussy, Lord Narf, and more fill out the lineup for the latest Redbull Sound Select showcase
Friday December 1, 2017 06:20 pm EST
Redbull Sound Select is set to hit Atlanta with a roster of talented female acts tonight (Fri., Dec. 1). Chicago's CupcakKe will serve as the shows headliner with her sex- and body-positive anthems that have helped her become a viral sensation. Although her start in rhyming came in the form of church inspired poems, her Shelters to Deltas mixtape is filled with tracks like "Best Dick Sucker"... | more...

The Reverend Horton Heat plays the Masquerade Dec. 1 Article

Jim Heath and Co. are back on the road, playing songs from throughout a career steeped in country rumination and psychobilly freakouts
Thursday November 30, 2017 04:54 pm EST
For more than 30 years, Jim Heath has charted a new course for hillbilly rockers as the Reverend Horton Heat. Named for country music legend Johnny Horton, his stage persona celebrates roots and pop music's pasts, with tongue-in-cheek rockabilly songs. After seeing the Cramps live in the late '70s, his eyes were opened to the boundless possibilities of roots-infused punk rock. He first left... | more...

Bestial Mouths play 529 Nov. 30 Article

Berlin-based goth/darkwave duo take the stage at 529 with Dry Lungs and Material Body
Wednesday November 29, 2017 06:36 pm EST
Formed in Los Angeles in 2009, Bestial Mouths debuted with the Stable Vices EP, a five-track release that struck in the veins of darkwave and goth with frontwomn Lynette Cerezo's harrowing voice wailing through hissing synths and industrial beats. Since then, Cerezo has carried the project through various lineups, relocated to Berlin, and has curated Bestial Mouths' sound in the tiers of goth... | more...

'Who Am I?' A conversation with D.R.I. vocalist Kurt Brecht Article

After decades on the road, the iconic crossover hardcore torchbearer sticks to his own D.I.Y. standards
Wednesday November 29, 2017 03:00 pm EST
Since 1982, Dirty Rotten Imbeciles have circled the globe, playing a break-neck blend of crossover hardcore, punk, and thrash metal forged amid Houston, Texas' early skate-punk scene of the Reagan era. Better known to most as D.R.I., the group's sound culminates with recordings such 1985's Dealing With It, 1988's Four Of A Kind, and the 2015 EP But Wait ... There's More! Founding members... | more...

Ohmpark Fest returns to 529 and the Earl Jan. 6 Article

Dot.s, Material Girls, Goldyard, and more play the annual East Atlanta local music blowout
Tuesday November 28, 2017 07:43 pm EST

Last week, the annual Ohmpark Fest released its lineup for 2018. The festival returns for its fourth year on Sat., Jan. 6, stacked with some of the best the Atlanta music scene has to offer. This year, the festival taps into different musical genres, including garage rock, pop ambient, folk, and hip-hop.

Shows are split between the Earl and 529, with set times staggered so attendees can...

| more...

Jacob Banks brings his soulful voice to Aisle 5 on Dec. 5 Article

The Birmingham, UK-based singer plays songs from his latest EP, 'The Boy Who Cried Freedom'
Monday November 27, 2017 05:01 pm EST
Since 2012, soul singer and songwriter Jacob Banks has been racking up acclaim and building a fanbase that spans the globe. The Nigerian-born, Birmingham, U.K.-based singer creates radio-ready blues ballads anchored by his soulful voice. In April, Banks released, The Boy Who Cried Freedom (Darkroom/Interscope), a six-song EP that showcases his pension for storytelling. The standout track,... | more...

Poetry vs. Hip-Hop offers a friendly competition Article

With strong hip-hop and spoken word communities, Atlanta is the perfect city for this event
Friday November 24, 2017 11:31 pm EST

Looking to start a debate with the family this holiday season about something other than politics? I have an idea that's sure to start a heated discussion but won't result in anyone being excommunicated from the family.

Ask your relatives if they think hip-hop is a form of poetry and watch as the room becomes divided over the topic. Some might find similarities in the lyricism and cadence of...

| more...

Black Friday top 11 Article

Sun Ra, Spock, Run the Jewels, and more record store scores to kick off the holiday shopping blitz
Wednesday November 22, 2017 08:27 pm EST

Meet 7 women who inspired CLAVVS' new single 'Like Daggers' Article

From Medusa to Maya Angelou, Amber Rene̩ shouts out the ladies who remind her of her own power
Monday November 20, 2017 06:06 am EST

"Like Daggers" came to me as a response to my fascination with the phrase "paper tiger," this delicate, pseudo-ferocious image. It occurred to me that I have often been treated as a paper tiger as something that may appear somewhat fearsome but, in reality, is comically easy to destroy. I wanted to write a song to challenge that. I thought about every woman who has ever made me feel strong...

| more...

Unsane returns to 'Sterilize' the Earl Article

Gnash your teeth, flex your muscles, Chris Spencer and Co. are back with a blistering round of noise rock for now people
Saturday November 18, 2017 10:59 am EST
Press play on "Factory," the opening number from Unsane's 2017 album Sterilize, and that old familiar sting of Chris Spencer's steamroller guitar melodies and distortion feel relevant now more than ever. This is infuriated music that carries the weight of all the rage, helplessness, and disgust that a thoughtful, respectable, and motivated person should feel in an era defined by the mirage of... | more...

Roughhousing makes a boisterous noise Article

The free improv trio is driven by the fierce, alchemical power of the moment
Thursday November 16, 2017 05:40 pm EST
Roughhousing, defined as a form of boisterous play among friends, is the perfect moniker for a trio of transcendent improvisers. Jack Wright (saxophone), Zach Darrup (electric guitar), and Evan Lipson (double bass), three hardened veterans of the free improv scene, are driven by a fierce belief in the power of their cabalistic craft. Together, the trio conjures unadulterated, alchemical... | more...

Pain is a gift Article

Monday November 13, 2017 06:13 pm EST
Cloak transcends black metal chaos with occult ambiance | more...

Modern English returns Article

With 'Take Me to the Trees' the 4AD staple grounds classic post-punk with modern DIY methods
Monday November 13, 2017 12:21 pm EST
Ever since Modern English scored a hit with the 1982 single "I Melt With You,"the group has lingered in pop culture's collective subconscious. The song is heard during countless cinematic love scenes, from director Martha Coolidge's 1983 film Valley Girl to the Netflix original series "Stranger Things."It's also blasting on every '80s and new wave satellite radio station, and (more or) less... | more...

Bent Frequency takes on modern times Article

with love, we resist' channels social injustice into an evening of fiery avant-garde music
Saturday November 11, 2017 03:21 pm EST

"We are a nation polarized, a society reeling," Jan Baker and Stuart Gerber declare in the introduction to Bent Frequency's "with love, we resist," a program of contemporary chamber music focused on overcoming the climate of injustice permeating American culture in 2017.

Baker and Gerber are the artistic directors of Atlanta's new music ensemble Bent Frequency. The five compositions they...

| more...

Terminus Ensemble thinks globally, acts locally Article

Fresh, locally sourced chamber music takes root at Eyedrum Nov. 12
Friday November 10, 2017 09:02 pm EST

Eyedrum Art & Music Gallery is making good on its promise to focus on fostering local talent, a mission shared by contemporary music outfit Terminus Ensemble. This Sunday, November 12, Terminus presents a program of complete works and short preludes by Atlanta composers Nicole Chamberlain, Eddie Farr, and Michael Kurth, along with other works by composers from the Southeast.

Included in the...

| more...

A conversation with Robyn Hitchcock Article

The British-born Nashville transplant ruminates on his self-titled album, punk rock, and all the Bs
Thursday November 9, 2017 10:17 pm EST
Robyn Hitchcock is on the road, traversing the States playing songs from throughout his career leading up to his latest self-titled album which arrived in April via Yep Roc. Since his days performing with the Soft Boys in the late '70s, the British-born Nashville-transplant Hitchcock's songs have remained steeped in psychedelic, whimsical, and oftentimes surrealist imagery. For this tour, he's... | more...

SONG PREMIERE: Zale reveals powerful new single, 'Little Black Dress' Article

The Warner Robins rock 'n' roll quintet says it's okay to defy reality
Thursday November 9, 2017 06:57 pm EST
  | more...

The Jesus and Mary Chain play Variety Playhouse Nov. 12 Article

Jim and William Reid return supporting the group's latest album, 'Damage and Joy'
Tuesday November 7, 2017 05:18 pm EST
The year of the Great Shoegaze Revival has delivered tentpole gems in the form of long-awaited new albums by Slowdive and Ride, but a third, lesser-heralded work is the most pleasantly surprising of the bunch. ICYMI, the Jesus and Mary Chain returned early this year with Damage and Joy, the influential Scottish rock group's first record in 19 years. Featuring re-worked versions of Jim Reid solo... | more...

Face Off Fridays turn 12 Article

Hip-hop icon Redman joins DJs Rasta Root and Jah Prince for the Nov. 10 celebration
Monday November 6, 2017 06:02 pm EST

On Friday, November 10, Face Off Fridays celebrate 12-years of bringing the finest in old school hip-hop, dancehall, reggae, salsa, trap music et. al., every second Friday of the month at MJQ. To mark the occasion, DJs Rasta Root and Jah Prince set the stage for a performance by the almighty Redman for a night of classic hip-hop.

"For the last three years, I've tried to imagine what we could...

| more...

J.I.D plays Center Stage Nov. 21 Article

The rising Atlanta rapper joins EarthGang on the Never Had Sh!t Tour
Thursday November 2, 2017 05:55 pm EDT
In a city known for producing some of the most unique voices in hop-hop, J.I.D and EarthGang stand out as arguably Atlanta's best new lyricists in a decade. Sure, that may sound like a bold statement, but in a short amount of time the former has carved out his own place among his contemporaries thanks to the release of the exceptional debut, The Never Story, and a slew of viral freestyle... | more...

Big Ears announces 2018 lineup Article

Diamanda Galas, Medeski Martin & Wood, and many avant-garde jazz acts brighten the schedule for coming year's festival
Wednesday November 1, 2017 03:45 pm EDT

Mass Destruction Metal Fest takes over the Loft Nov. 3-4 Article

Macabre, Demoncy, Profanatica, and more lay waste to Midtown this weekend
Wednesday November 1, 2017 03:16 pm EDT

The Southeast's most twisted metal festival takes place this Friday and Saturday nights at the Loft.

The inaugural Mass Destruction Metal Festival 2017 puts extreme metal on blast as a lineup featuring performances by death and black metal bands Profanatica, Acheron, Tombstalker, Brutality, Abazagorath, Emablmer, and more satiates the bloodlust for those who seek faster, more violent, and...

| more...

Curren$y plays Heaven at the Masquerade Nov. 2 Article

New Orleans' king of gutter Southern hip-hop returns
Tuesday October 31, 2017 07:08 pm EDT

Zakir Hussain leads an eclectic band of world class musicians, including Dave Holland and Chris Potter Article

Indian tabla master teams up with American jazz greats Dave Holland, Chris Potter, and more
Friday October 27, 2017 11:41 pm EDT

Zakir Hussain is world renowned as a tabla virtuoso willing to experiment with a wide variety of musical genres, having recorded with names as diverse as Mickey Hart, Bill Laswell, and Charles Lloyd.

For the Crosscurrents tour, however, Hussain has assembled a sort of Bollybop band, weaving the intricacies of American jazz with traditional Indian classical music. Jazz legend Dave Holland...

| more...

Charles Waters' Nuzion Peace Orchestra plays Gallery 992 Oct. 29 Article

Gold Sparkle Band leader premieres two new works, 'Peace Forms I & II'
Friday October 27, 2017 06:34 pm EDT

What does peace sound like? Songbirds twittering? Wheat fields rustling in the wind? Ocean waves rolling onto a sandy beach? Considering Charles Waters' Nuzion Peace Orchestra, the correct answer is, like a free jazz horn ensemble skronking, bleating, and crooning its way through charts that swing with atonal anarchy, funktown groove, and Miles-esque cool.

A founding member of the Gold...

| more...

Meinschaft unveils 'The Midday Sun At Midnight' video Article

Anonymous outfit revels in the aesthetics of hyperstimulation
Friday October 27, 2017 04:36 pm EDT
When an artist remains anonymous they can do pretty much whatever they want to do anything! It forces both the artist and the audience to shift their imaginations into overdrive and fill in the blanks. Anonymity makes it difficult for anyone to make ignorant or informed assumptions about the music and the someone or something who made it. It's the power of mystery, and a powerful tool for the... | more...

A Q&A with Lois Righteous Article

Garage punk trio channels riot grrrl spirit with 'Rude' EP
Friday October 27, 2017 02:02 am EDT

Goblin plays the Loft Nov. 8 Article

The Italian horror film score masters return performing the music of 'Susperia' and beyond
Thursday October 26, 2017 08:52 pm EDT
Following a three-year hiatus, the Italian horror-prog film score masters of Goblin return on the Sound Of Fear tour. The group is famous for crafting creepy scores to horrifying films such as Suspiria, Deep Red, and Dawn Of The Dead. It's also known for a whole lot of infighting. Rogue Goblin factions spring up from time to time, but this lineup, featuring Massimo Morante (guitar), Maurizio... | more...

Flying Lotus plays the Tabernacle Nov. 2 Article

The formidable electronic music renaissance man goes 3D
Thursday October 26, 2017 05:54 pm EDT
It's easy to forget there was a time when Flying Lotus wasn't a formidable, taste-making force in the electronic music world. The L.A.-based producer's first two records, 1983 and Los Angeles, didn't contain the kinds of maximalist anthems that demand attention. Instead, his earliest tunes engaged in the kind of subtle, expertly crafted beats that provided one of the first fresh directions in... | more...

Tommy Wright III plays 529 Nov. 4 Article

The Memphis underground rap legend pays a visit to Atlanta
Thursday October 26, 2017 04:26 pm EDT

Memphis legend Tommy Wright III, also known as the One Man Gang, began his rap career in the early '90s, when he was barely 18 years old. Throughout the Bill Clinton era, Wright became known for his lo-fi sound, unique backbeats and fast-spoken, violent lyrics. After an arrest in 2000, landing him a five-year prison bid, Wright's career slowed-down greatly.

In 2006 he released a reissue of...

| more...

L.A. Witch plays the Drunken Unicorn Oct. 28 Article

The garage-psych trio stops by Atlanta supporting its self-titled debut
Wednesday October 25, 2017 02:49 pm EDT

Out of the sprawling L.A. punk scene come garage-psych trio L.A. Witch. With the group's self-titled debut out now via Suicide Squeeze, singer-guitarist Sade Sanchez, bass player Irita Pai, and drummer Ellie English blend psychedelic sludge with hauntingly upbeat lyrics such as "I'm gonna kill my baby tonight/If he don't come home on time" on the single "Kill My Baby Tonight."

Other songs,...

| more...

Protomartyr plays the Earl Oct. 24 Article

With 'Relatives in Descent' the Detroit-based outfit perfects a blend of post-punk poetry and wild-eyed experimentation
Tuesday October 24, 2017 03:04 pm EDT

Artifactual String Unit plays Elliott Street Deli & Pub Oct. 25 Article

Chamber-jazz trio featuring members of Faun and A Pan Flute and 4th Ward AKO shows off material from new album
Friday October 20, 2017 09:54 pm EDT

Ibeyi play Variety Playhouse Oct. 30 Article

Lisa-Kaindé Díaz and Naomi Díaz honor artfully honor their past, present, and future with their latest album, 'Ash'
Thursday October 19, 2017 02:36 pm EDT
In 2015, Ibeyi penned their self-titled debut as a tribute to the duo's father, renowned Cuban percussionist Anga Díaz. Understanding the nuanced rhythmic play of his congos and timbales is crucial to grasping the musical legacy that twin sisters Lisa-Kaind̩ Díaz and Naomi Díaz honor with their music. Ibeyi crafts idiosyncratic pop music that represents the wide scope of influences inherent in... | more...

Nik Turner's Hawkwind plays the Earl on Halloween Article

The psychedelic pied piper plays classics along with songs from the group's latest album, 'Life In Space'
Tuesday October 17, 2017 11:45 pm EDT

Nik Turner is a space rock god among men.

Hawkwind's contentious founder Dave Brock may own legal rights to the group's name, but Turner possesses its spirit. Since parting ways with Hawkwind for the first time circa 1976, Turner has traversed the globe like a psychedelic Pied Piper. At 77 years old he's still whipping crowds into a frenzy by unleashing hallucinogenic flute and saxophone...

| more...

Adi Newton of Clock DVA plays the Mammal Gallery Oct. 18 Article

The industrial music pioneer stirs up the atmosphere with electronics, noise, and a baritone growl
Tuesday October 17, 2017 10:04 pm EDT

For nearly 40 years, Adi Newton has stalked the outer reaches of electronic and industrial music's frontier. As a founding member of Sheffield U.K.'s Clock DVA and T.A.G.C./the Anti-Group, exploring technology's evolution, its relationship with music, and how it interfaces with the human psyche has underscored much of his work.

Newton's approach came into being amid the British music scene...

| more...

Lil Yachty plays the Fox Theatre Oct. 20 Article

The self-proclaimed purveyor of 'bubblegum trap' has become a fixture of Atlanta culture
Tuesday October 17, 2017 12:52 pm EDT

It doesn't take seeing a Lil' Yachty banner being proudly waved amid the throngs of Atlanta United supporters at Mercedes-Benz Stadium to know that the kid has become a fixture in the city's culture.

Despite a year filled with taking pot shots from hip-hop's old heads saying he's "ruining hip-hop" (sit down, Joe Budden), and releasing a debut album (Teenage Emotions) met with a lukewarm...

| more...

A conversation with William Henderson Article

The Pharoah Sanders Quartet pianist talks cowbells and improvisation
Saturday October 14, 2017 06:04 am EDT
The Pharoah Sanders Quartet featuring bass player Nat Reeves, drummer Joe Farnsworth, and pianist William Henderson play the Rialto Center for the Arts on Sat., Oct. 14. Pianist Henderson boasts a lifelong resume of performing alongside legendary jazz luminaries such as Elvin Jones, Cannonball Adderley, Hugh Masekela, and more. Before the Quartet's show in Atlanta, Henderson took a few minutes... | more...

Shouldies: Embracing relatability Article

Ex Man Up, Yancey members start new group to make people happy
Thursday October 12, 2017 08:23 pm EDT

Shouldies? Promoters describe the group as simply ex-Man up, Yancey, but who are they really? Having no internet presence, no music available as of press time, and only three shows under their belt, this new band is still a mystery.

Shouldies is an electronic-based, pop trio featuring singer and guitarist Yancey Ballard (Man up, Yancey), guitarist and synth player John Pierce (Man up,...

| more...

Big Brutus talks 'America Circa' Article

Singer, songwriter, and guitarist Sean Bryant's third album opens a window into the psyche of modern America
Sunday October 8, 2017 02:48 pm EDT

A3C 2017 weekend top 5 Article

Your Old Droog, Coco and Breezy, and more must-see acts taking over hip-hop's biggest stage
Saturday October 7, 2017 04:03 pm EDT
The weekend portion of this year's A3C festival, aka hip-hop's biggest stage, carries on today, Sat., Oct. 7, at the Georgia Freight Depot and surrounding areas. There's a marathon of performances taking over the fest until well after the sun sets over Downtown Atlanta Sunday night. The full lineup is available via A3C's website. In the meantime, check out CL's top 5 weekend picks for must-see... | more...

From the Parasite House to the Fox Theatre Article

Mastodon's singer and guitarist Troy Sanders reflects on a nearly 20-year journey
Friday October 6, 2017 06:55 pm EDT
  | more...

Trash Panda: Who are these guys and what are they up to? Article

With 'Heartbreak Pulsar' the indie rock trio examines human interaction and commitment
Friday October 6, 2017 11:39 am EDT
  | more...

The Pharoah Sanders Quartet plays the Rialto Oct. 14 Article

The tenor sax master explores the nuances of fiery music by basking in rich harmonies and bombastic overtones pushed to the max
Thursday October 5, 2017 09:58 pm EDT

Gorillaz play Infinite Energy Center Oct. 11 Article

Damon Albarn and Co. bring the Humanz World Tour to Gwinnett County
Thursday October 5, 2017 08:50 pm EDT
Damon Albarn and a massive live ensemble bring the Gorillaz live experience to Gwinnett County marking the group's first Atlanta performance. Albarn's cartoon fantasy blends with reality as the group's latest album, Humanz, finds everyone from Vince Staples to Mavis Staples bringing each song to life. Who will be joining Albarn on the stage when the touring caravan lands at Infinite Energy... | more...

Bill Callahan plays Eddie's Attic Oct. 12 Article

The Drag City songwriting icon makes a rare Atlanta appearance
Thursday October 5, 2017 08:19 pm EDT
Well into his third decade of writing and performing, former lo-fi anti-hero Bill Callahan continues to mesmerize audiences with his dark humor and his mastery of minimalism. Recording as Smog throughout the '90s, Callahan cut his teeth creating homemade 4-track recordings before signing to Drag City. There, he shed the fuzz and dissonance that dominated his early years, bringing his deadpan... | more...

Omni goes to the Brig Oct. 5 Article

The ubiquitous post-punk trio hosts a 'Multi-Task' LP listening party
Wednesday October 4, 2017 08:12 pm EDT

The Vibrators play the Star Bar Oct. 4 Article

The legendary U.K. punk trio makes their final U.S. run
Tuesday October 3, 2017 06:35 pm EDT
Legendary UK punk trio the Vibrators take the Star Bar stage on Wed., Oct. 4, for an hour-long set (maybe longer), running through such circa '76 and beyond classics as "Judy Says (Knock You In The Head)," "London Girls," "Stiff Little Fingers," and more from the Past, Present, Into the Future album (Cleopatra Records). The band's current lineup includes, guitarist Nigel Bennett, drummer John... | more...

OK, this is the Pops Article

Bauhaus, Love and Rockets, and Tones On Tail find new life in Poptone
Tuesday October 3, 2017 03:28 am EDT
Daniel Ash has a story he likes to tell about how the inspiration behind his current group Poptone came like a thief in the night. Ash, the former Bauhaus and Love and Rockets singer and guitarist, had fallen asleep at his desk with a pair of headphones on. He'd been clicking around Youtube, and recalls with hazy detail one of the last things he heard before drifting off to sleep: Brian Eno's... | more...

Naomi Punk plays 529 Oct. 2 Article

The Pacific Northwest art-punk trio brings the wild wanderings of 'Yellow' to the Southeast
Sunday October 1, 2017 02:10 pm EDT
Thank goodness for Olympia, Washington. It's not only the gritty gray capital city of our Northwesternmost contiguous state, it's also a reliable breeding ground for artistic independence, DIY music, and just-plain-weird rock ???n' roll. Take, for example, veteran Oly trio Naomi Punk, who has made an admirable career out of organizing warped, skronky sounds into oddly addictive songs. The... | more...

A3C's Matt Weiss talks empowering musicians Article

The annual hip-hop festival and conference's production director knows the value of treating artists like entrepreneurs
Friday September 29, 2017 11:35 pm EDT
The A3C Music Festival and Conference returns Wed., Oct. 4, with a weeklong conference taking over the Loudermilk Center, Creative Media Industries Institute on campus at Georgia State University and the Auburn Avenue Research Library. The weekend festival kicks off Sat., Oct. 7, with the Fool's Gold Day Off party featuring performances by A-Track, Project Pat, Kodie Shane, and more. On Sun.,... | more...

Chelsea Wolfe plays Aisle 5 Oct. 11 Article

Wolfe's latest album, 'Hiss Spun,' brings her affinity for doom and drama to the fore
Friday September 29, 2017 08:07 pm EDT
Chelsea Wolfe has spent the better part of a decade artistically evolving and defying categorization. Wolfe emerged in 2010 with her first studio album, The Grime and the Glow, an aptly titled collection of murky, lo-fi folk tunes covered in grit and steeped in mystery. Each subsequent release has seen Wolfe slowly lift the metaphoric veil, revealing more direct songwriting and expansive... | more...

Moon Duo plays the Drunken Unicorn Oct. 3 Article

The Portland-based psych rock duo shows off songs from 'Occult Architecture Vol. 1 & 2'
Friday September 29, 2017 04:54 pm EDT
As Moon Duo, guitarist Erik Johnson (Wooden Shjips) and Sanae Yamada have been crafting whirling, hooky psychedelia since 2009. Their latest pair of albums, 2017's Occult Architecture Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 find the Portland, Oregon-based twosome exploring the light and dark sides of their sound, and are, perhaps their clearest thematic statements to date. Mixing heavy psych with crisp Krautrock,... | more...

Herbie Hancock is still learning Article

At 77 years old, the legendary jazz pianist reflects on Buddhism, Miles Davis and soaking up as much as knowledge as he can
Friday September 29, 2017 11:06 am EDT

FLAP reveals 'Novelty Stop' Article

The guitar-slinging duo celebrates the arrival of their latest album at Avondale Towne Cinema
Thursday September 28, 2017 09:33 pm EDT

Like demented scientists following a formula comprehensible only to themselves, Andy Hopkins and Matt Miller, otherwise known as FLAP, have been creating ingeniously twisted guitar music on and off for the better part of five decades.

Tonight, Fri., Sept. 29, the duo celebrate the arrival of their latest album, Novelty Stop, on a concert bill with two similarly idiosyncratic Atlanta-born...

| more...

The Messthetics play the Maquerade Thurs., Sept. 28 Article

The D.C. trio pairs Fugazi's rhythm section with guitarist Anthony Pirog for a high-energy, instrumental roar
Thursday September 28, 2017 06:23 pm EDT
The Messthetics are a relatively new act to emerge from Washington, D.C.'s underground rock and post-punk scenes, but the trio boasts an unprecedented lineup. The Messthetics find Fugazi's legendary rhythm section, Brendan Canty on drums and Joe Lally on bass, reunited and playing music together again for the first time since 2002. Guitarist Anthony Pirog leads the charge with dense layers of... | more...

The Drive-By Truckers play Variety Playhouse Sept. 29 Article

Southern rock outfit plays supporting their latest, politically charged album, 'American Band'
Wednesday September 27, 2017 03:37 am EDT
Politics has typically lingered on the fringes of the Drive-By Truckers' music for as long as anyone can remember. But with the formerly Athens, Georgia-based quintet's latest album, American Band, politics reign supreme. The divisiveness of the 2016 presidential election galvanized singers, songwriters, guitarists, and founding members Patterson Hood and Mike Cooley to express their discontent... | more...

Rafael Toral takes off Article

Portugal's sound design stalwart discusses new LP on Room 40
Tuesday September 26, 2017 09:44 am EDT
Rafael Toral is a sound designer and experimental composer based in Lisbon, Portugal, but the musician's sonic footprint reaches well beyond the EU. Blending a heady mix of drone, ambient, jazz, improvisation, and just about everything in between, Toral culls expansive sets of aural minimalism highlighted on solo and collaborative endeavors, collaborating with some of the most renowned names in... | more...

Return to 'Pleiades' Article

Chamber Cartel reimagines Xenakis' percussive masterpiece
Friday September 22, 2017 12:05 pm EDT
In October 2015, Chamber Cartel presented the Southeastern premiere of Greek composer Iannis Xenakis' "Pleiades" at the Goat Farm Arts Center. Two years later, almost to the day, artistic director Caleb Herron will again lead the same sextet (save for one substitution) in a complete performance of "Pleiades," one of the more significant works not just in the percussion repertoire, but in the... | more...

Broken Social Scene, friends till the end Article

The longstanding Canadian outfit maintains optimism with 'Hug of Thunder'
Tuesday September 19, 2017 05:25 pm EDT
Maintaining friendships can be hard, grueling work. As people get older, divergent responsibilities, goals and life trajectories rip apart personal foundations that once seemed indomitable. For a band like Broken Social Scene that has maintained an 18-person lineup for 15 years, maintaining friendships isn't only hard work, it's survival. "The company line we tow is that it's friendship first,"... | more...

Southern Surf StompFest captures Southeast surf music at its finest Article

Festival founder Chad Shivers brings grit, community and a DIY spirit to Avondale Estates and beyond
Friday September 15, 2017 10:03 pm EDT
Festival season has descended upon Atlanta. While dozens of gatherings are strewn across the city on any given weekend, few pack as much spirit, focus and DIY grit as Southern Surf Stompfest. As an extension of Chad Shivers's (generally) monthly Southern Surf Stomps at Kavarna in Oakhurst and across Atlanta proper, the festival distills the regional surf scene into a day-long event at Little... | more...

Arcade Fire wants 'Everything Now' Article

Indie crossover band grapples with the debilitating effects of infinite content
Thursday September 14, 2017 04:47 pm EDT
Remember way back in the mid-aughts when circumstances were ripe for indie bands to reach levels of mainstream success typically reserved for more conventional pop artists on major labels? Think New York City with its surging scene of rock revival, or countless other artists plucked from obscurity and given a prime scene to soundtrack on "The O.C." Though it's only been a decade, that landscape... | more...

BoBwood Fest returns! Article

Rapper and noted flat-earther B.o.B is back for another round of emerging hip-hop music and culture
Tuesday September 5, 2017 05:32 pm EDT
Atlanta native and noted flat-earther B.o.B is back with another installment of the annual BoBwood FEST on Sat., Sept. 23. The Murphy Park Fairgrounds at 880 Woodrow St. SW host acts include Raury, Trae Tha Truth, RaRa, Young Dro and more. The festivities begin at 3 p.m. and wrap up at 3 a.m., and include activities such as carnival games, artist meet-and-greets, and a live art installation.... | more...

Dead Boys redux Article

Cheetah Chrome sets the record straight with 'Still Snotty: Young, Loud and Snotty at 40!'
Monday September 4, 2017 06:02 pm EDT
  | more...

George Christian Pettis comes home Article

Crisis and country music add gravitas to 'Tallasassy'
Friday August 25, 2017 05:17 pm EDT

It's been over a year since Decatur native George Pettis ventured west with folk group 100 Watt Horse, leaving behind Atlanta's city trappings for the rolling arts epicenter of Olympia, Washington. And while the relocation pits Pettis some 2,500 miles away from his old home, the quirky college town and state capital seem like a natural fit for the animated songwriter.

"Olympia has been...

| more...

Michael Myerz wants a VHS comeback Article

The Atlanta rapper marks the release of his 20th album, 'Newjewbes'
Tuesday August 22, 2017 01:43 pm EDT
Much like the fictional horror film slasher that inspired his name, Atlanta rapper Michael Myerz just keeps coming back. Firing off a deluge of 20 albums in just six years, Myerz, born Michael Schwartz, has worked tirelessly to refine and re-invent his demented musical persona. Since 2011 his releases, which have dabbled in comedy rap, nerdcore and horror hip-hop, are all tinted by a nostalgic... | more...

The ATL Collective relives A Tribe Called Quest's 'The Low End Theory' Article

J-LIVE, Adán Bean, D.R.E.S. tha BEATnik and more pay homage to a jazz and hip-hop classic
Thursday August 17, 2017 01:41 pm EDT
In September 1991, A Tribe Called Quest released its second proper album, The Low End Theory. Although it took a year hit platinum sales, songs such as "Excursions," "Check the Rhime," "Jazz (We Got)" and more laid the foundation for effectively fusing jazz and hip-hop in the H. W. Bush era. The album, propelled by Q-tip and Phife Dawg's one-two lyrical interplay over samples by everyone from... | more...

Newark Wilder thinks about death with 'Empty Sanctuary' Article

The group's final offering is a rumination on laying to rest persona and regret
Friday August 11, 2017 01:44 pm EDT

It was a good run for Newark Wilder. The group formed in January 2015, and in just two years principal songwriter Ben Kinzer, performing on stage alongside Chava Flax (guitar), Aidan Burns (bass) and Nadir Baaset (drums), left quite an impression on Atlanta's DIY music scene. By exploring layered and flowing expansions of moody pop songwriting, the group transcended the s of lo-fi Soundcloud...

| more...

N'Dea Davenport: She ain't (just) heavy Article

Ahead of her catalog-spanning show at City Winery, the Atlanta-born vocalist opens up about some of her biggest non-Brand New Heavie music
Wednesday August 9, 2017 09:21 pm EDT
When vocalist N'Dea Davenport hits the City Winery stage tonight (Thursday, August 10), she'll be performing songs not just from her time with the U.K.-based band the Brand New Heavies but also from the extensive catalog of tunes she's built up before and after joining the acclaimed group. And what a wide-ranging catalog it is from hip-hop to jazz, house and more. But before she treats local... | more...

A Place Both Wonderful & Strange: The return Article

'What I Speak I Create' looks beyond Twin Peaks
Monday August 7, 2017 06:49 pm EDT

Since his 2009 break from the Silent Drape Runners, Atlanta expat Russ Marshalek carries on with his practices crafting electronic, witch house and dance music with A Place Both Wonderful & Strange. Formed in Brooklyn with fellow synth-mongers Shanda Woods and Laura Hajeck, APBW&S moves away from mixtape mediums with the album What I Speak I Create, released via Sony Records on Aug. 4....

| more...

808 Fest goes big for 2017 Article

Conrank, Deejay Earl, Treasure Fingers and more play Atlanta's annual celebration of all things bass Aug. 8-11
Sunday August 6, 2017 01:37 pm EDT

Bass music goes on an East Atlanta nightlife safari when the annual 808 Fest returns August 8-11.

Now six years deep, Ricky Raw's celebration of all things bass music is sporting one of it's most extensive lineups yet, taking over clubs from Little Five Points to the East Atlanta Village.

"I just really just love bass music," says festival founder Ricky Raw. "I started playing bass guitar...

| more...

Shabazz Palaces visit planet earth Article

Quazarz' embodies the radiance and uncertainty of life in America
Friday August 4, 2017 04:40 am EDT
In astronomical terms, a quasar is the brightest object observed in the known universe; a billion times more massive than the Earth's sun. Quasars are among the most mysterious phenomena to occur in space, as each is one driven by the ominous and inescapable gravity of a black hole. For Ishmael Butler, vocalist and founding member of experimental hip-hop duo Shabazz Palaces, quasars also embody... | more...

J Carter talks 7 years of One Musicfest Article

The summer festival founder still upholds his original vision for creating 'unity through music'
Thursday August 3, 2017 05:38 pm EDT
In just seven years, ONE Musicfest has grown from a small, one-day hip-hop showcase into an Atlanta institution that brings together rap, R&B, soul, electronic music and more under the Lakewood Amphitheatre canopy. Despite the festival's impressive growth and popularity, founder Jason "J" Carter still strives to reach the same goals he set for himself from the very beginning: Diversity,... | more...

Music Midtown top 6 Article

Photographer Perry Julien has an eye for music
Thursday August 3, 2017 01:22 pm EDT
Music Midtown descends upon Piedmont Park once again, Sept. 16-17. Throngs of suburban revelers soak in everything from Future's molly-Percocet trap beats to Mumford & Sons beards and banjos. Since the summer of 2011, Perry Julien has been CL's go-to man in the photo pit, documenting the faces and the music that define Atlanta's largest pop music gathering. As a photographer with seven years of... | more...

Small Reactions roll with the punches Article

'Nerve-pop' quartet finds order with second album, 'RXN_002'
Monday July 31, 2017 03:36 pm EDT


By now, nearly 10 years into a career playing music together, Small Reactions have learned how to roll with the punches. They've faced lineup changes, a nearly thousand-mile trek in a frigid van, fruitless label pitches, and even the all-consuming affair of raising kids singer and guitarist Scotty Hoffman has two to be exact. A less determined band would surely have hung it up already and...

| more...

SONG PREMIERE: Sash the Bash, 'I Don't Like You' Article

The Midnight Larks singer and guitarist sheds her demons
Sunday July 30, 2017 02:57 pm EDT

Sasha Vallely of Midnight Larks has been hard at work lately, building a name for her solo stage persona Sash the Bash. Her latest song, "I Don't Like You," is an anthem of sorts that offers a glimpse at what she has in store with her forthcoming album. It also cements into place the project's sneering glam-punk motif with an antagonistic little ditty.

Sash the Bash brings about a stark...

| more...

Faun and A Pan Flute returns with '2014-2016' Article

The group's second album looks outside, above and beyond the tropes of modern music
Saturday July 29, 2017 05:56 pm EDT

VIDEO PREMIERE: A Drug Called Tradition's 'Again and Again' Article

The group's latest offering wraps life, loss and uncertainty in psych-pop melancholy
Thursday July 27, 2017 01:18 pm EDT

Atlanta's hardest-working psych rock trio A Drug Called Tradition celebrates the arrival of its debut album, Medicine Music on Friday, July 28. Singer and guitarist Bon Allinson, bass player Asha Lakra and drummer Puma Navarro have crafted a densely layered collection of Krautrock rhythms and smoldering atmosphere.

"Again And Again" is an A-side deep cut steeped in melancholy rhythms and...

| more...

Caleb Herron and Margot Rood go 'Beyond the Zero' Article

The fourth installment of Chamber Cartel's contemporary music series embraces musical intimacy
Thursday July 27, 2017 01:17 pm EDT
The fourth installment of Orpheus Brewing and Chamber Cartel's "Beyond the Zero" series is a program of duets for soprano and percussion performed by guest vocalist Margot Rood and Cartel director Caleb Herron. The program includes works by Anthony Donofrio, Griffin Candey, Rick Burkhardt, Heather Gilligan and Tan Dun. A member of Boston's Lorelei Ensemble, an all-female vocal ensemble... | more...

Pylon's living history Article

Vanessa Hay keeps the music of beloved Athens' legend alive
Monday July 24, 2017 11:33 am EDT

Tom McDermott plays jazz history Article

The New Orleans pianist brings a lifetime of music to the stage
Friday July 21, 2017 08:47 pm EDT

At 60 years old, pianist and composer Tom McDermott is often referred to as a walking encyclopedia. In his case, though, it would be more appropriate to call him an encyclopedia of New Orleans music and the history of jazz.

During live performances, McDermott moves between microphone and keyboard, explicating the development of America's greatest original art form with a causal fluency and...

| more...

Little Tybee and Nse Ufot added to #ActivateATL lineup Article

C4 Atlanta aims to promote voting in November's mayoral election
Thursday July 20, 2017 02:24 pm EDT

Faye Webster plays Criminal Records Fri., July 21 Article

The Awful Records alt-folk chanteuse plays songs from her self-titled sophomore LP
Wednesday July 19, 2017 06:33 pm EDT

Awful Records' alt-folk chanteuse Faye Webster is taking over Criminal Records on Fri., July 21, for an in-store performance and pop-up shop.

Physical CD copies of Webster's self-titled sophomore album will be available, along with tees, posters and more, hosted by Awful.

Balladry, 19 years old, with a syrupy voice. On the surface, Faye Webster appears to simply be another little lady...

| more...

Catching up with Sequoyah Murray Article

The singer and improv artist talks about his influences and learning to articulate his musical ideas
Tuesday July 18, 2017 02:14 pm EDT
At 20 years old, Sequoyah Murray is a singer, composer, improvisational artist and multi-instrumentalist who has spent a lifetime immersed in music. The son of percussionist Kenito Murray and vocalist Treva McGowan, Sequoyah's fearlessly creative role in Atlanta's young D.I.Y. jazz, indie rock and experimental music scenes has fostered a gently cluttered and transcendental sound steeped in... | more...

Irrelevant Music matters Article

Kyle Swick wants to expose you to the greatest local music you've never heard
Monday July 17, 2017 04:19 pm EDT
Kyle Swick spends just a few minutes mulling over the implications of what it means to call his booking and promotions company, and now two-years strong summer festival, Irrelevant Music. Clearly, there's a sense of irony at work behind his branding concept. "It started when I was booking enough music around town that I needed to come up with a name, like Tight Bros. has their thing, and OK... | more...

Irrelevant Music Fest top 9 Article

From Boy Harsher to Lois Righteous, CL Music scribes shout out their must-see picks
Monday July 17, 2017 12:40 pm EDT

The gospel of disco Article

Nicky Siano ruminates a legacy of dance floor innovation
Friday July 14, 2017 07:11 pm EDT

Disco, to so many people, begins with Donna Summer and ends at Studio 54: velvet ropes and white lines, a neon-drenched Bacchanalia writhing in an air of exclusiveness with real and self-realized celebrities able to gain entry. But for Nicky Siano New York nightclub pioneer, and disco sire the music deserves to be remembered as inclusive, not exclusive.

"When I started, there was no disco;...

| more...

Tunabunny reveals 'Dream Sugar' / 'Pitocin Enduction Hour' video mixtape Article

Athens' experimental pop quartet goes deep on the Beatles' 'White Album' with 'PCP Presents Alice in Wonderland, Jr.'
Friday July 14, 2017 05:49 pm EDT
Athens, Georgia's experimental pop quartet Tunabunny released its fifth full-length, a 2xLP titled PCP Presents Alice in Wonderland, Jr., on June 23 via HHBTM Records. The 28-track album is a track-by-track response to the Beatles' White Album, and is the band's most sprawling effort to date. The album features calming, pop songs, such as "Incinerate," as well as more experimental, electronic... | more...

For Matthew Sweet, 'Tomorrow' is here Article

The Midwestern power pop icon releases his long-awaited return
Thursday July 13, 2017 07:48 pm EDT

Nearly six years passed between the release of Modern Art, Matthew Sweet's latest album, and 2017's Tomorrow Forever. In the interim, the songwriter and guitarist released a third album of covers with Susanna Hoffs (Under the Covers, Vol. 1), moved back to his native Nebraska and embarked upon a Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign to finance his latest album.

And while the 17-track Tomorrow...

| more...

Palm breaks all the rules Article

The north Philly four-piece strikes a balance between pleasing and disturbing with 'Shadow Expert'
Thursday July 13, 2017 03:05 pm EDT

Hailing from North Philadelphia, math rock outfit Palm is living proof that you don't always need to know the rules in order to break them. The Bard College-born four-piece featuring Eva Alpert (guitar/vocals), Kasra Kurt (guitar/vocals), Gerasimos Livitsanos (bass) and Hugo Stanley (drums) have no formal training in their respective instruments. Yet Palm continues to churn out complex,...

| more...

Top 5: Jade Poppyfield's Georgia music spots Article

Ethereal electronic artist leads a tour of her favorite venues
Monday July 10, 2017 06:08 pm EDT
Meghan Dowlen, otherwise known as Jade Poppyfield, is an electronic music artist from Macon, Georgia. Her out-of-the-box moniker comes from a name given to a Halloween costume she put together a few years back, and has stuck with her ever since. With her popularity on the rise, Dowlen has recently started playing bass with Atlanta cabaret-punk darlings, Material Girls. Creative Loafing has... | more...

wakeATL co-founders talk music, art and political action Article

In supporting Vincent Fort's mayoral campaign Atlanta activists embrace the dangers and rewards of taking a stance
Monday July 10, 2017 03:55 pm EDT
Since August of 2016, Keith William, Alexa Lima, Yung Matthew and Obeah of experimental hip-hop outfit Wake, along with a handful of others, have organized the semi-regular wakeATL "Call To Action" events. Each event, held every three months or so, is a variety show of sorts, rallying musicians from various genres, visual artists, community activists, speakers and more to address social justice... | more...

Pay to Cum wants you Article

This hardcore outfit has something for everyone
Friday July 7, 2017 06:08 pm EDT
What's in a name? It's the first foot forward for any band, and carries particular weight if it chooses one like Pay to Cum. For members Travis Arnold (vocals), Jalen Jenkins (guitar), Hunter Pinkston (guitar), Mason Dominey (bass) and Curtis Callis (drums), it serves as an homage to the debut single of seminal hardcore outfit Bad Brains, a major influence for the group. "They're arguably the... | more...

Washed Out breaks the wave Article

Mister Mellow' strikes back with a work of dazzling impressionism
Friday July 7, 2017 02:50 pm EDT
Ernest Greene is in the midst of promoting Washed Out's latest record, Mister Mellow, in Los Angeles, where his new label Stones Throw is debuting the album-long visual accompaniment, the Mister Mellow Show. Los Angeles is the perfect setting for Greene to unveil his latest project to the world, as the glitzy city befits the album's lofty ambitions and subject matter. The album's title, Mister... | more...

Omni returns with new single, 'Equestrian' Article

The group's sophomore album, Multi-task, is due out Sept. 22 via Trouble in Mind
Thursday July 6, 2017 05:13 pm EDT

New Wave/dance-punk trio Omni has offered up "Equestrian," the first taste of what the group has in store with Multi-task, the follow-up to 2016's debut full-length, Deluxe.

Featuring guitarist and drummer Frankie Broyles (ex-Deerhunter/Balkans) and singer and bass player Philip Frobos, the group's latest single is a jittery and propulsive and post-punk number. The band, in a press...

| more...

JORTSFEST reveals final lineup for 2017 Article

Nana Grizol, Loner, Chelsea Shag and more to play the local DIY music and arts gathering
Thursday July 6, 2017 02:57 am EDT
Last week, Atlanta's annual DIY music and arts festival JORTSFEST announced it will return to Mammal Gallery on Sat., Aug. 26. The organization also set up a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to make this year's festival an official 501(c)3 non-profit organization in order to better provide the means to help keep the festival "always free, always all ages, always accessible." The Kickstarter... | more...

The Cairo Gang: A life in music Article

Emmett Kelly reflects on his 'Untouchable' identity
Friday June 30, 2017 03:39 am EDT

Les Nubians get 'Up Close and Personal' Article

French-African neo-soul duo previews new music on acoustic tour
Thursday June 29, 2017 07:55 pm EDT

Chantae Cann to headline #ActivateATL concert Article

C4 Atlanta prompts locals to get out and vote in November's manorial and city council elections
Wednesday June 28, 2017 07:20 pm EDT

JORTSFEST returns Article

DIY music and arts festival launches Kickstarter for support
Wednesday June 28, 2017 03:34 pm EDT

Algiers return with new album, reissued debut 7-inch and more Article

Gospel-tinged post-punk outfit returns home to play Afropunk Fest in October
Tuesday June 27, 2017 05:24 pm EDT

ROLL CALL: Mike Keenan of NAARC Article

A few gallons of water, some tissue and three or four handfuls of hair
Tuesday June 27, 2017 03:55 pm EDT

The Good Graces show off 'Too Old For This' Article

The Southern Americana outfit finds midlife enlightenment with their latest album, 'Set Your Sights'
Saturday June 24, 2017 12:48 pm EDT

An evening of creative music at Avondale Towne Cinema Article

Bill Brovold & Frank Pahl, 4th Ward AKO and DfTaLS round out a bill of adventurous sounds
Friday June 23, 2017 07:36 pm EDT

OuterSpace Week returns with Mission III Article

Emancipator Ensemble plays Terminal West's Big Bang Block Party on June 24
Friday June 23, 2017 05:25 pm EDT

Michael Potter's psych-rock trip Article

The Electric Nature mastermind breaks new ground with 'Garden Portal Almanac'
Friday June 23, 2017 05:10 pm EDT

Chris Childs Trio finds that less is more Article

Faun And A Pan Flute Marimba further explores his compositional style
Friday June 23, 2017 02:55 pm EDT

Boogarins' soundtrack for the end of the world Article

Brazilian quartet releases surprise third album
Thursday June 22, 2017 02:45 pm EDT

Talking guitars with Adron and Casey Hood Article

Two singer-songwriters discuss their long history in Atlanta music and beyond
Wednesday June 21, 2017 11:18 am EDT

Music Midtown returns Sept. 16-17 Article

Bruno Mars, Future, Blink-182 and Mumford & Sons headline this year's two-day music festival in Piedmont Park
Tuesday June 20, 2017 02:14 pm EDT

NO EYES transcends EDM Article

Bedroom producer lets loose on the underground
Monday June 19, 2017 04:21 pm EDT

Brent Cobb comes home Article

Georgia native's new album is a love letter to small towns
Friday June 16, 2017 07:55 pm EDT

Tonstartssbandht Article

The sibling duo explores psychedelia with 'Sorcerer'
Friday June 16, 2017 04:27 pm EDT

Moon Diagrams reveals 'Bodymaker' Article

Deerhunter's Moses Archuleta shows off a bit more of what's in store with his forthcoming album 'Lifetime Of Love'
Thursday June 15, 2017 07:24 pm EDT

Imagine Music Festival returns Article

Big Gigantic, STS9, NGHTMRE and more join the lineup for Atlanta's premier EDM blowout
Wednesday June 14, 2017 04:15 pm EDT

Bret Busch reimagines the Rock*A*Teens' 'Sun's Up' Article

Smithsonian's frontman and Atlanta music fixture preps for the arrival of 'Pills Lace & Confetti'
Tuesday June 13, 2017 01:03 pm EDT

Project Pabst returns Article

Iggy Pop, Watch the Duck, the Coathangers and more fill out the lineup for the second annual East Atlanta blowout
Wednesday June 7, 2017 02:03 pm EDT

The Hanging Judge and the power of individuality Article

Hang 'Em High' EP wages war on misguided outrage
Sunday June 4, 2017 04:30 pm EDT

Estoriafest returns Article

Big Jesus, Midnight Larks, Dot.s and more headline Cabbagetown's annual day of music
Thursday June 1, 2017 05:11 pm EDT

Midnight Larks reveal 'Gunfighter' Article

The first look at the group's forthcoming debut album is steeped in danger and mystique
Thursday June 1, 2017 02:45 pm EDT

Elliott Street Deli and Pub goes the distance Article

Castleberry Hill's beacon of nightlife turns 10
Wednesday March 30, 2016 04:00 am EDT

Joan Baez's pockets of sanity Article

Folk legend finds consciousness and compassion through music
Tuesday March 15, 2016 04:00 am EDT

Shilpa Ray's struggle for independence Article

The outspoken songstress breaks out on 'Last Year's Savage'
Wednesday March 9, 2016 04:00 am EST

Atlanta Jazz Fest's rising stars Article

7 must-see acts to watch this year
Thursday May 21, 2015 04:00 am EDT

Show Preview: Venice is Sinking Article

Sat., July 10
Wednesday July 7, 2010 04:00 am EDT

Show Preview: Big K.R.I.T. Article

Sat., July 10
Wednesday July 7, 2010 04:00 am EDT

Show Preview: The Goodnight Loving Article

Thurs., July 8
Tuesday July 6, 2010 04:00 am EDT

Show Preview: The Earl's 11th anniversary Article

Thurs., July 8
Friday July 2, 2010 04:00 am EDT

Show Preview: Islands Article

Sat., July 3
Tuesday June 29, 2010 04:00 am EDT

Show Preview: Dwele Article

Thurs., July 1
Monday June 28, 2010 04:00 am EDT

Pocahaunted Article

Wednesday June 16, 2010 04:00 am EDT

Sage Francis Article

Tuesday June 15, 2010 04:00 am EDT

Jacuzzi Boys Article

Monday June 14, 2010 04:00 am EDT

Article - Reflection Eternal Article

Unimpeachable precedent
Monday June 7, 2010 09:02 pm EDT

Article - Broken Bells Article

Pure pop plunge
Monday June 7, 2010 09:02 pm EDT

Article - Disappears Article

Reverbalicious shadows
Monday June 7, 2010 09:02 pm EDT

Article - Neon Indian's chill philosophy Article

Alan Palomo won't commit to chillwave's flash-in-the-pan success
Wednesday June 2, 2010 04:00 am EDT

Blitzen Trapper sounds so American Article

Just don't tell them we said so
Tuesday June 1, 2010 04:00 am EDT

Article - k-os throws himself a surprise party Article

The Canadian MC/singer spurs his own artistic rebirth
Wednesday May 26, 2010 04:00 am EDT

Trombone Shorty blows for 'Treme' Article

New Orleans native brings the funk to Atlanta Jazz Festival
Monday May 24, 2010 04:00 am EDT

Article - Thee Silver Mt. Zion forged by fire Article

Quintet forms its own identity beyond Godspeed's shadow
Wednesday May 19, 2010 04:00 am EDT

Article - How Yahzarah got her groove back Article

The Ballad of Purple St. James puts Foreign Exchange Music on the map
Monday May 17, 2010 04:00 am EDT

Article - A Fight to the Death's gentlemanly demeanor Article

Devotchka meets Dean Martin' in AFTD's cinematic sound
Wednesday May 12, 2010 04:00 am EDT

Article - Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings heap on the soul Article

I Learned the Hard Way conjures an authentic groove
Monday May 10, 2010 04:00 am EDT

Article - KeKe Wyatt ends decade-long bout with rhythm and abuse Article

After years of domestic violence, the ingenue returns with Who Knew?
Wednesday May 5, 2010 04:00 am EDT

Article - Down and dirty with Rebel Scum Article

New documentary profiles the Dirty Works and Christopher Scum
Monday May 3, 2010 04:00 am EDT

Article - Megafaun wants to earn your trust Article

The rootsy band returns to Atlanta with tricks and treats
Wednesday April 28, 2010 04:00 am EDT

The Mess-Around gets all the way turned up Article

Atlanta's punk/garage family affair returns
Wednesday April 21, 2010 04:00 am EDT

Article - Kaki King's ever-expanding universe Article

Atlanta guitarist feels at home on Miley Cyrus collabos and in scuzzy men's rooms
Tuesday April 20, 2010 04:00 am EDT

Article - Animal Collective and Danny Perez present Oddsac Article

Twisted images and Kubrick-like abstraction color new visual interpretation of the band
Tuesday April 20, 2010 04:00 am EDT

Article - Attention System fuses sound for new Signal Article

Surrounded By Light releases Atlanta band's debut
Wednesday April 14, 2010 04:00 am EDT

Carolina Chocolate Drops' ain't just fiddlin' Dixie Article

Black string band music gets redux treatment
Wednesday April 14, 2010 04:00 am EDT

Article - 4-IZE sets his sights on something different Article

The Atlanta-based rapper stays in his own lane
Wednesday April 7, 2010 04:00 am EDT

Article - Cadillac Jones still blowing that homegrown Article

The funk-soulsters return with Rhythm Method
Monday April 5, 2010 04:00 am EDT

Article - Atlanta bassist Charlie Wooton releases debut Article

With a little help from his friends
Wednesday March 31, 2010 04:00 am EDT

Article - Judi Chicago ignites Bright Lights, Fun City Article

Atlanta's dance haus group gets Dada with it
Monday March 29, 2010 04:00 am EDT

Article - Walk softly and carry a Major Lazer Article

Diplo and Switch animate dancehall electro
Wednesday March 24, 2010 04:00 am EDT

Article - Clan Destined has nothing to hide Article

Atlanta hip-hop duo to return with conceptual mixtape
Monday March 22, 2010 04:00 am EDT

Article - The Meeks Family debuts with Thirty One Years of Lullaby Article

Brooks Meeks' musical dreams didn't die with the Close after all
Wednesday March 17, 2010 04:00 am EDT

Sweden's Little Dragon breathes soulful electronica stateside Article

Rumbling rhythms make their dreamy soundscapes tangible
Tuesday March 16, 2010 04:00 am EDT

Article - The Girls at Dawn wanna have fun Article

With a little melancholy and nostalgia thrown in for good measure
Monday March 8, 2010 04:00 am EST

Article - Dam-Funk delivers the sho-nuff uncut Article

Pasadena native resurrects West Coast funk
Monday March 8, 2010 04:00 am EST

Article - Man? Or Astro-Man returns from the ether Article

Man? Or Astro-Man Ten years later, the sci-fi punks pick up where they left off
Wednesday March 3, 2010 04:00 am EST

Article - Rapper Big Pooh emerges from Little Brother's shadow Article

Phonte's significant other preps solo stance
Monday March 1, 2010 04:00 am EST

Article - Title Tracks make a joyful, disenchanted noise Article

John Davis puts 'ooohs' and 'ahhhs' in his poppy, angry solo excursion
Wednesday February 24, 2010 04:00 am EST

Article - Small crowds keep jazz drummer Justin Chesarek on point Article

His trio plans to release live CD this summer
Monday February 22, 2010 04:00 am EST

Article - SlowEarth brings Cage back to the stage Article

One of Atlanta's earliest electro ands gets rebirth courtesy its offspring
Wednesday February 17, 2010 04:00 am EST

Article - The Back Pockets put juvenilia on blast Article

Beautiful Crappy Demo is a livewire of spontaneous outbursts
Monday February 15, 2010 04:00 am EST

Article - Tortoise picks up the pace with sixth album Article

Cerebral indie rockers return with aggressive record
Wednesday February 10, 2010 04:00 am EST

The Foreign Exchange won't rest on Grammy laurels Article

Sleep is a luxury Phonte and Nicolay still can't afford
Monday February 8, 2010 04:00 am EST

Article - The Residents reside on absurdist pop's freaky fringes Article

The enigma of a band drops Ten Little Piggies
Thursday February 4, 2010 04:00 am EST

Passion and politics pervade Nneka's Concrete Jungle Article

Nigerian native brings activist soul stateside
Wednesday January 27, 2010 04:00 am EST

Blaming Tim gets geek'd up Article

Computer nerd with social skills makes video games to complement band's soundtrack
Monday January 25, 2010 04:00 am EST

Phatfffat's revenge Article

Will Dondria - the Soulja Boy of R&B - have to check her personality at the door to translate YouTube success into record sales?
Monday January 18, 2010 04:00 am EST

Article - The Internationals give virtue to former vices Article

New live album recorded at Smith's Olde Bar
Sunday January 17, 2010 04:00 am EST

Campaign for Capricorn's Frank Fenter Article

Label co-founder gets a posthumous push for the Georgia Music Hall of Fame
Wednesday January 13, 2010 04:00 am EST

Article - Christian McBride pays homage to his soul side Article

Jazz bassist and composer bows down to Ray Brown, James Brown and Rosa Parks
Tuesday January 12, 2010 11:00 am EST

Article - The Impotent Sea Snakes get their mojo back Article

Glam-drag troupe returns to the Masquerade
Tuesday December 29, 2009 04:00 am EST

Article - Nana Grizol's sentimental affair Article

Sophomore album from Athens six-piece is chicken soup for the punk soul
Monday December 28, 2009 04:00 am EST

Article - West End Motel's extended stay Article

The band has been gathering members and momentum over the past year
Wednesday December 23, 2009 04:00 am EST

Article - Death takes a holiday Article

Adam Stroupe been recording Death Domain rough demos since his undergrad days at UGA
Wednesday December 23, 2009 04:00 am EST

Article - Remembering Thomas Peake Article

The scene he fostered pays tribute to the former CL music writer
Wednesday December 16, 2009 04:00 am EST

Article - Dillon offers buffet with Studies in Hunger Article

Atlanta-based MC defies easy categorization, leaves listeners in a pickle
Wednesday December 9, 2009 04:00 am EST

Article - Leaf sends up a prayer for Jasmine Lynn Article

Atlanta singer/songwriter organizes tribute in honor of slain Spelmanite
Monday December 7, 2009 11:00 am EST

Article - A Sunny Day in Glasgow's pop life Article

Ashes Grammar evolves from where Scribble Mural Comic Journal left off
Wednesday December 2, 2009 04:00 am EST

Tom P.'s hustle Article

To live and D.I.Y. in Decatur
Monday November 30, 2009 04:00 am EST

Article - The community bands together to save Reactionary Records Article

Alex Knoel takes customer appreciation to another level
Tuesday November 24, 2009 04:00 am EST

Article - Bobby Creekwater makes Sense of independence Article

Although he has yet to release an official solo album, the Atlanta native isn't a newcomer by any means
Monday November 23, 2009 04:00 am EST

Article - Skinny Puppy bites back Article

Industrial band launches 'In Solvent See' tour minus its new album
Wednesday November 18, 2009 04:00 am EST

Article - Promoter Bob Patton kept James Brown on the good foot Article

His legacy lives on through the soul of American music
Monday November 16, 2009 04:00 am EST

Article - The Sunglasses get Bad Happy Article

Surf's always up for the Atlanta-based band
Wednesday November 11, 2009 04:00 am EST

Article - Noise innovators Times New Viking raise the roof Article

But the basement still reigns supreme
Monday November 9, 2009 04:00 am EST

Article - A river runs through Coyote Bones Article

David Matysiak sheds his pain on Niobrara
Wednesday November 4, 2009 04:00 am EST

Article - Alela Diane makes herself at home Article

The folk singer infuses sophomore album with a sense of place
Monday November 2, 2009 04:00 am EST

Article - Kurt Vile is no joke Article

But his ironic sense of humor permeates Childish Prodigy
Wednesday October 28, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Article - Why ask Why? It's a loaded question Article

On Eskimo Snow, the indie hip-hop band continues to put on indie-pop airs
Monday October 26, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Article - Untied States goes pop without going soft Article

Instant Everything, Constant Nothing finds the Atlanta band in a rare, refined space
Wednesday October 21, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Article - R. Kelly recruits Atlantans for new album, Untitled Article

The pied piper of R&B can't stop, won't stop laying the pipe
Monday October 19, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Article - Living Rooms sounds like Animal Collective ... almost Article

But the Atlanta trio considers the comparison a compliment
Wednesday October 14, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Article - Black Keys' drummer enlists four other drummers to form Drummer Article

Stick men display new tricks on Feel Good Together
Monday October 12, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Article - Thievery Corporation emerges as a strong, independent voice of dissent Article

Last year's Radio Retaliation pushed the boundaries of electronic music
Tuesday October 6, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Article - Playaz Circle returns with Flight 360: The Takeoff Article

For DTP duo, this one feels like the beginning
Wednesday September 30, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Article - Other Sound fest takes over L5P Article

The indie fest with the catch-all lineup takes over Atlanta's cultural left-of-center
Wednesday September 16, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Article - The Intelligence gets lost in space Article

Fake Surfers stargazes from a nostalgic point of view
Monday September 14, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Article - Hahavishnu has the last laugh Article

Darryl Rhoades and the Hahavishnu Orchestra
Wednesday September 9, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Living Colour is Chair men of the board Article

Tuesday September 8, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Article - Jamie Foxx: The master of the entertainment universe Article

Wednesday September 2, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Article - Sleepy Sun's rays of psychedelia shine with confidence Article

Tuesday September 1, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Article - Drummer KJ Sawka plays like a machine Article

Drum and bass head gives electronic music the human touch
Wednesday August 26, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Kervins C's industry rules Article

I dO Music founder plays matchmaker among Atlanta's independent musicians
Tuesday August 25, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Article - The second coming of Mos Def Article

The real Mos returns with The Ecstatic after a decade of playing it safe
Tuesday August 11, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Article - Jonathan Kane raises the brow with rhythmic blues Article

Minimalism never sounded so blissful as Jet Ear Party
Monday August 10, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Article - Metal, the gayest music in town Article

Harvey Milk and Torche share a singular sense of humor
Wednesday July 29, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Article - Psyche Origami lightens up with Flagship Article

Atlanta indie hip-hop trio looks to the past to find its future
Tuesday July 28, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Article - Nina Simone's daughter celebrates her mother's legacy Article

National Black Arts Festival presents a tribute to the High Priestess of Soul
Monday July 27, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Article - Method to Black Moth Super Rainbow's mystique Article

The band's mission is simple: Bring your own imagination
Tuesday July 21, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Article - Rahsaan Patterson's higher soul power Article

'The Kid' from Disney channels his own vibe
Tuesday July 21, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Article - Eleni Mandell matures into her own teenage dreams Article

Singer/songwriter dabbles in pep and eccentricity
Monday July 20, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Article - Glen Iris' off-kilter dynamic colors new 7-inch Article

From messy, lo-fi grooves to subdued melodies, the Atlanta trio experiments with sound
Wednesday July 15, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Article - Spanky and the Love Handles stay true to blues pedigree Article

Frontman Clark Vreeland extends his repertoire
Monday July 13, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Article - Sonic Youth remains Eternal ever after Article

Wednesday July 8, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Article - DJ Spooky's ReBirth of a Nation paints the White House black Article

President Obama's election gives new subtext to remixed version of D.W. Griffith's classic
Monday July 6, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Article - Van Hunt takes the Emergency exit after Blue Note's blowjob Article

The former Atlantan returns for two shows Independence Day weekend
Monday June 29, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Article - Brooklyn duo Matt and Kim don't need gimmicks, but they use them anyway Article

Even in their birthday suits, they make a 'cute' couple
Monday June 29, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Article - Dead Confederate feeling festive in preparation for new album Article

Athens-based band plays Corndogorama and AthFest this weekend
Tuesday June 23, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Article - Those Darlins ain't another country chick band Article

The Murfreesboro, Tenn., trio seethes with emotional twang and debauchery
Monday June 22, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Atlanta Indie Festival gives underground rap a sharper image Article

Mach 5's Corey Davis gets his hustle on
Tuesday June 16, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Noot d' Noot's groove is in the heart Article

Cash for Gold picks up where Deee-Lite left off
Monday June 15, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Article - Wolf Parade's Spencer Krug emerges with Sunset Rubdown Article

Dragonslayer clocks in at epic proportions
Tuesday June 9, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Article - Time flies when King Sunny Ade's conjuring juju Article

Nigeria's Afropop ambassador kicks off North American tour
Monday June 8, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Article - Detroit Cobras rev up on classic R&B Article

Garage/soul queens pair with Dexter Romweber Duo on tour
Wednesday June 3, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Article - Devin the Dude, a legend in his own rhyme Article

... and the Richard Pryor of this rap ish
Wednesday June 3, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Detroit Cobras rev up on classic R&B (2) Article

Tuesday June 2, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Devin the Dude, a legend in his own rhyme (2) Article

Tuesday June 2, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Article - Scotty Barnhart brings jazz to the King Center Article

Decatur native releases Say It Plain
Wednesday May 27, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Article - Protect your crotch from the attacking Hawks Article

Tuesday May 19, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Article - There's no business like personal business for Keyshia Cole Article

Tuesday May 19, 2009 04:00 am EDT

To MC Chris' chagrin, there's no 'I' in nerdcore Article

Wednesday May 13, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Article - The outspoken Jayne County returns to her roots Article

Wednesday May 6, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Article - Charles Walker and the Dynamites blow up the spot Article

The James Brown protege gets his big payback
Tuesday May 5, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Don't sleep on Danny! Article

The Atlanta-based MC is something like a phenomenon
Tuesday April 28, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Article - The Pains of Being Pure at Heart wear it on their sleeves Article

Monday April 27, 2009 04:00 am EDT

It's the end of Bruce Springsteen as we know him Article

Monday April 20, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Tealights rekindle the flame Article

Monday April 20, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Acid Mothers Temple gets lost in translation Article

Wednesday April 15, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Vandermark gives free jazz Goofy June Bug legs Article

Monday April 13, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Dengue Fever's infectious sound Article

Friday April 10, 2009 04:00 am EDT

An interview with Robyn Hitchcock Article

Friday April 3, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Ericka Smith's extreme makeover Article

Wednesday March 25, 2009 04:00 am EDT

These Are Powers play Eyedrum Tuesday night Article

Monday March 23, 2009 01:19 pm EDT

Sean Falyon pimps his pen Article

Tuesday March 17, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Phosphorescent wails on, big Willie-style Article

Monday March 16, 2009 04:00 am EDT

Ex-Carbonas' Josh Martin returns with Ex Humans Article

Monday March 9, 2009 06:00 am EDT

Golden Triangle's trash can cabaret Article

Wednesday March 4, 2009 04:00 am EST

Trippin' with Howlies Article

Wednesday March 4, 2009 04:00 am EST

Benefit show: Sean Costello remembered Article

Wednesday February 25, 2009 12:04 am EST

K'Naan raps to redeem Somalia Article

Wednesday February 25, 2009 12:04 am EST

Photographer Ricky Powell shares frozen frames from rap's halcyon age Article

Wednesday February 18, 2009 12:04 am EST

Michael Franti drops beats not bombs Article

Wednesday February 18, 2009 12:04 am EST

Winston Audio picks up the Rhythm Article

Wednesday February 11, 2009 12:04 am EST

The Fleshtones bring back raucousness Article

Wednesday February 4, 2009 12:04 am EST

DJ Princess Cut Article

Wednesday February 4, 2009 12:04 am EST

We No Fun shouts out Atlanta's other punk scene Article

Wednesday January 28, 2009 12:04 am EST

Athens singer/songwriter Madeline raises the White Flag Article

Wednesday January 28, 2009 12:04 am EST

Breaking up is hard to do for Atlanta's Carbonas Article

Wednesday January 21, 2009 12:04 am EST

Diane Durrett and producer Ike Stubblefield wed the old with the new on her best album yet Article

Wednesday January 21, 2009 12:04 am EST

All Hell bubbles with Can Can's musical muscle and Apolcalyptic fears Article

Wednesday January 14, 2009 12:04 am EST

Jessica Tonder's debut shows what little girls are made of Article

Wednesday January 14, 2009 12:04 am EST

Club Awesome shows some splash factor at the Drunken Unicorn Article

Wednesday January 7, 2009 12:04 am EST

Subrig Destroyer Article

Wednesday January 7, 2009 12:04 am EST

Carnivores twist punk roots Article

Wednesday December 31, 2008 12:04 am EST

Auto-tune puts T-Pain on blast Article

Wednesday December 31, 2008 12:04 am EST

Sun Ra Arkestra cruises through Atlanta Article

Wednesday December 24, 2008 12:04 am EST

Gentleman Jesse's 7-inch stocking stuffer fiasco Article

Wednesday December 24, 2008 12:04 am EST

Brittany Bosco puts jazzy blues on another Spectrum Article

Wednesday December 17, 2008 12:04 am EST

Jeffrey Bützer goes Peanuts for 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' Article

Wednesday December 17, 2008 12:04 am EST

The Balkans don't fall far from Atlanta's punk rock tree Article

Wednesday December 10, 2008 12:04 am EST

Wax Fang bites with La La Land debut Article

Wednesday December 10, 2008 12:04 am EST

A new song and dance for the Foreign Exchange Article

Wednesday December 3, 2008 12:04 am EST

Atlanta's Poison Arrows deliver more power than pop Article

Wednesday December 3, 2008 12:04 am EST

Beside The Point, Anthony Hamilton ain't too big for bridges Article

Wednesday November 26, 2008 12:04 am EST

Free from label woes, Snowden looks forward to moodier music Article

Wednesday November 26, 2008 12:04 am EST

Lyonnais collides with wall of sound Article

Wednesday November 19, 2008 12:04 am EST

Q-Tip drums up his own Renaissance Article

Wednesday November 19, 2008 12:04 am EST

Kelsy Davis & the Radical Soul Article

Wednesday November 12, 2008 12:04 am EST

The Music Tapes construct Christmas carols with bite Article

Wednesday November 12, 2008 12:04 am EST

From ruin to redemption, Butch Walker returns Article

Wednesday November 5, 2008 12:04 am EST

Colin Mee finds his voice after Deerhunter Article

Wednesday November 5, 2008 12:04 am EST

Deerhunter sheds shoegazer fuzz on Microcastle Article

Wednesday October 29, 2008 12:04 am EDT

Article - CunninLynguists Article

Wednesday October 22, 2008 12:04 am EDT

If the Explorers Club sounds like the Beach Boys, it meant to do that Article

Wednesday October 22, 2008 12:04 am EDT

In search of his own lane, Decatur's Playboy Tre gives B.O.B. a lift Article

Wednesday October 15, 2008 12:04 am EDT

No Depression returns with the Sparrow Quartet Article

Wednesday October 15, 2008 12:04 am EDT

No holds barred for guitarist Lefty Williams Article

Wednesday October 8, 2008 12:04 am EDT

Atmosphere dons a new identity for latest release Article

Wednesday October 1, 2008 12:04 am EDT

Jermaine Dupri backs up his boo, Janet Jackson Article

Wednesday October 1, 2008 12:04 am EDT

Article - Why Burt Bacharach makes Vivian Girls 'wanna scream' Article

Wednesday September 24, 2008 12:04 am EDT

Eric Benet gets his groove back in Love & Life Article

Wednesday September 24, 2008 12:04 am EDT

Elvis Costello and Nick Lowe weren't the only English Stiffs to invade the states Article

Wreckless Eric and Amy Rigby tell their side of the story
Wednesday September 17, 2008 12:04 am EDT

How to be like Black Kids Article

Want to follow in the footsteps of these indie rock heroes? Just follow ten simple steps
Wednesday September 17, 2008 12:04 am EDT

Daedelus plays the Highland Inn Ballroom Lounge 9/12 Article

Party peoples
Wednesday September 10, 2008 12:04 am EDT

Death Vessel plays the Earl 9/14 Article

Mostly the voice
Wednesday September 10, 2008 12:04 am EDT

Dr. Dog waves lo-fi bye-bye Article

And the band may be better off for it
Wednesday September 3, 2008 12:04 am EDT

Derek Lyn Plastic goes spastic Article

Atlanta's punk monk raises the stakes with new 7-inch
Wednesday September 3, 2008 12:04 am EDT

CC Ivory: Most valuable playa Article

Kennesaw native rocks his Game Boy
Wednesday August 27, 2008 12:04 am EDT

David Ryan Harris: Running for Mayer Article

Singer/songwriter gears up for another solo effort
Wednesday August 27, 2008 12:04 am EDT

Oxford Collapse: The new economy Article

Oxford Collapse discovers less is more with Bits
Wednesday August 20, 2008 12:04 am EDT

Oneida: Accidental oddballs Article

Pre-teen Weaponry full of happy disappointment
Wednesday August 20, 2008 12:04 am EDT

The Melvins: Easy listening Article

Grunge gods go hard on Nude with Boots
Wednesday August 13, 2008 12:04 am EDT

El Vez: Fit for a king Article

The Mexican Elvis is full of it
Wednesday August 13, 2008 12:04 am EDT

The Constellations light the night Article

Blondie and Atlanta after dark immortalized on 'Southern Gothic'
Wednesday August 6, 2008 12:04 am EDT

Michael Feinberg: Where anime meets yesterday Article

Atlanta jazz head unveils his 'Evil Genius'
Wednesday August 6, 2008 12:04 am EDT

Jay Electronica: The vagabond MC Article

You never know what he'll do next, or where he'll do it
Wednesday July 30, 2008 12:04 am EDT

Bangladesh: It costs to be the boss Article

'A Milli' producer celebrates Almost Famous' 4-year run
Wednesday July 23, 2008 12:04 am EDT

Harmony in Life Article

Atlanta's soul haven launches new label
Wednesday July 16, 2008 12:04 am EDT

Fringe Factory: Party out of time Article

Highland Inn Ballroom scores with throwback shindig
Wednesday July 2, 2008 12:04 am EDT

Hubcap City: Drive-In Potemkin Article

Experimentalists give Sergei Eisenstein an overdub
Wednesday June 18, 2008 12:04 am EDT

Hard, fast, loud Article

Derek Lyn Plastic couldn't care less what you think
Wednesday June 11, 2008 12:04 am EDT

Coffin Bound and Mammals: They came from Austell Article

Two bands put suburban twist on Atlanta rock
Wednesday June 4, 2008 12:04 am EDT

The Vaginas' monologue Article

Adam Pointer pisses on those who wince at his band's name
Wednesday May 28, 2008 12:04 am EDT

Vic Chesnutt: Return engagement Article

Athens-based artist pairs up again with Canadian collaborators
Wednesday May 21, 2008 12:04 am EDT

Article - Child's play Article

500 Songs for Kids kicks it up a notch for '08
Wednesday April 30, 2008 12:04 am EDT

MondoHomo at a glance Article

Kabota, Strezzo and Judi Chicago teaser show at Eyedrum
Wednesday April 23, 2008 12:04 am EDT