Evander Holyfield pays up, avoids jail

It’s sad to even think that former heavyweight champ Evander Holyfield stood a chance of going to jail because he was behind on child support payments to the mother of one of his children.

But that’s what Holyfield faced in Fayette County today before he paid $9,000 in back child support and promised to meet his other obligations — private school tuition, health insurance and paying for a college fund — within the month.

The agreement gets Holyfield out of legal hot water.

In the past month, Holyfield has faced a foreclosure on his 54,000 square-foot palace in Fayette County. He has also been sued for an alleged $500,000 loan that he is accused of not re-paying.

Sadder still, the 45-year-old vows he will continue boxing and become undisputed champion once again, despite the fact he hasn’t beaten a major fighter since John Ruiz in 2000.

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