Pray for Evander

Evander Holyfield Steps Back in the Ring

Not being a sports fan, I didn't realize that former champ and lousy money manager Evander Holyfield has another title bout this weekend until I saw this NYT article.

Holyfield is 46. That's old, especially for a fighter, but remember that George Foreman was 45 when he regained his last title by knockout in 1994. Foreman had even taken a few years off from boxing to get religion and had been snacking between meals, whereas Evander always looks fit.

But, holy shit — have you seen what he's up against? It's Russian, seven feet tall and covered in hair. No, it's not a bear, although it's nicknamed "The Beast from the East." Its actual name is Nikolai Valuev and it's scarier than Dolph Lundgren from Rocky IV. This is a photo of Valuev about to swallow another boxer whole.

Good luck, Evander. I hope your affairs are in order.

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