Evander Holyfield’s homosexual ‘fix’ falls flat

But it’s not like champion pugilists are especially known for their progressive views on human rights

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Photo credit: Screenshot/UK Celebrity Big Brother
Holyfield KO'd by his own dinosaur logic.

Poor Evander. Last time the former heavyweight boxing champ was in the news, it was over the bank auctioning off his former 109-room Fayetteville home last November after he lost it to foreclosure in 2012.

So now, besides being in debt over unpaid back taxes, alimony and child-support, according to the New York Times, he’s all over the Internet looking like neanderthal man this week after proclaiming that gay people can be “fixed.”

He even likens homosexuality to being born handicapped.

“It don’t make no difference,” the ex-champ explains while chillaxing in bed with a female housemate. “If you were born and your leg was turned this way, what do you do? You go to the doctor and get it fixed back right, right?”

The Internet has been feigning shock over the comment since TMZ put him on blast. But c’mon people. It’s not like champion pugilists are especially known for their progressive views on human rights (Muhammad Ali notwithstanding). Considering Holyfield’s dominance in the most barbaric of professional sports, is it really a surprise if he sorta thinks like one?

The necessary disclaimer is that his pronouncement came via a reality TV show, “UK Celebrity Big Brother,” which he no doubt signed up for in the hopes of putting a dent in said debt.

Though I’d hate to imagine show producers goading the champ into outing himself as anti-gay on television, anyone desperate enough to appear on such a show has to know what they’re signing up for. During his confessional he says that he momentarily “forgot” about the cameras and was “just telling her my opinion.”

While I’d love to give Holyfield the benefit of the doubt - especially considering how many concussions and Mike Tyson ear bites the man has sustained throughout his career - his comments ring true with his conservative Christian views.

“The Bible lets you know - that’s wrong, that’s right,” he says. And when his cast mate isn’t convinced by his Old Testament logic, he attempts to win her over with the most ornery-old-man facial expressions ever.

In the end, show producers play the ominous role of “Big Brother” as they chide him on-air for what will likely amount to a ratings boost for the rest of the season. Holyfield’s son, Ewin, has since spoken out in defense of his old man, saying, “My dad is the most loving and caring person you will ever meet. He treats everyone like a human being ... even if they are homosexual.”

Sounds like foot-in-mouth disease runs in the family.