Holyfield defying odds-sanity

Evander Holyfield is old -47 to be exact - but that doesn’t mean he’s going to - prevent further brain damage - retire anytime soon.

Following his 8th-round TKO defeat of fellow senior citizen Frans Botha, 41, this past Saturday night, it appears that Holyfield may never step out of the ring - willingly at least.

Holyfield - the only four-time heavyweight champion in boxing history - believes that he still has what it takes to win another title, but unless the World Boxing Association plans on holding its next title bout at the local - morgue - daycare center, those chances are slim to none.

All joking aside, Holyfield is one of Atlanta’s greatest sports figures and it’s getting harder and harder to watch him limp down the same path that so many other boxers seem to wander - the path of stubbornness, ignorance and inevitable injury.

There’s little doubt that Holyfield’s logical and coherent brain functions have been somewhat “disillusioned”  over the past quarter century by left hooks and right jabs, but at some point insanity outweighs stupidity as the excuse for Holyfield’s irresponsibly hazardous longevity.

Certainly I’m not the only one who wants to remember this Atlanta sports legend for his powerful punches and devastating knockouts instead of his “Muhammad Ali-esque” demise.

Unfortunately that’s exactly what will happen if “The Real Deal” doesn’t get real smart, really quick.

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