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5 bookstores to make you forget the e-reader

Local shops that'll revive your love for literature

CityGuide Scott Chester for CL
Photo credit: Scott Chester
Bound to be Read - Now Closed

There’s a little LeVar Burton in all of us. Like the “Reading Rainbow” show host, Atlantans know and appreciate the value of a good book. Thankfully, this is also a city where everyone from American lit snobs to graphic novel lovers can find a place to curl up, get lost, and invest — literally — in a great story.

Book Store

The long-lived indie shop boasts new/used offerings focusing on leftist politics, Beat writers, and art/music/underground lit. A Cappella hosts author signings and live music events. | more...

Book Store

A hidden gem in the city of Chamblee, this location offers books not available anywhere else, with some titles dating as far back as 100 years. Items are also available online. | more...

Book Store

Atlanta's long-running lesbian/feminist/mystic bookstore also stocks CDs, gifts and jewelry, and hosts frequent in-store events. | more...

Book Store

An independent bookstore with items for both children and adults and lots of events, including storytimes, readings, and author signings. | more...

Book Store

Offering "books and gifts celebrating the human experience" for more than 20 years, Phoenix and Dragon offers your one-stop shop for crystals, chimes, oracles, and other media. | more...

The list above first appeared in the 2015 CL Cityguide and was updated by CL Staff recently.