Neighborhood Issue 2017

Atlanta: Past, present and future tense

2017 Neighborhood Issue Collage Photo
Photo credit: CL Staff

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Although Creative Loafing explores life in Atlanta’s myriad and diverse neighborhoods on a regular basis, each year around this time we set aside space to delve even deeper into ’hood-centric issues in our special Neighborhood Issue. For this year’s edition, however, we decided to not only examine what residents are currently dealing with in enclaves across the metro area, but also how the events of the past affect us today and where things are headed in the future. Atlanta is, of course, a city in flux. And in the pages that follow, it’s our aim to provide a snapshot of our ongoing evolution. So, flip ahead for a few walks down memory lane, some firm takes on the here and now, and a look at what’s to come for neighborhoods across the city (and some select OTP spots, too).

— Carlton Hargro

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