Say No to Hate: Kevn Kinney

We are divided. Always have been. The civil rights fight is on going; the civil rights fight is ever growing. The color of America is constantly changing. There is color in America. Just because Sesame Street is color blind and integrated doesn’t mean Main Street is … We have made progress as a community but we have a million miles to go. The great experimental melting pot is still in the boil … many countries are just now in search for the elusive harmony we have at times felt in the undertow of what sometimes seems an unnavigable sea.

Singer/songwriter Kevn Kinney is the lead singer and driving force behind Drivin N Cryin, 2015 inductees into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame, and an Atlanta band with a 35-year history. In addition to releasing albums with DNC, Kinney is known for his many solo works.

Say No To Hate 1

Kevn Kinney:

I ramble therefore I ramble

I wander therefore I wonder

With the people

An answer to most of the questions in roam

Kevn Kinney
August 23
3:04 AM

First and Foremost
Observation number one
We are divided
Always have been
The civil rights fight is on going
The civil rights fight
Is ever growing
The color of America is constantly changing
There is color in America
Just because Sesame Street is color blind and integrated doesn’t mean Main Street is ...
We have made progress as a community but we have a million miles to go.

The great experimental melting pot is still in the boil ...
many countries are just now in search of the elusive harmony we have at times felt in the undertow of what sometimes seems an unnavigable sea.

However I believe a greater percentage of our community has very common ground.
We all want to work and enjoy our families. We want to live in peace and respect.
Atlanta is abundant with beautiful people from all nations ...
I am proud to be a part of it ...
But observation number two
Hate is real
Hate born of ignorance
But also born of fear twisting in disguised heritage.
Hate is all consuming and focused and directed
Peace can be as well
But the word has been compromised.
Peacenik hippie drifter
When in actuality peace looks like a man driving to work or a woman putting her kids in the car for morning school ... it looks like a laborer fixing a highway or a sanitation worker or a medical professional or a lawyer or dare I say a police officer !
They’re not all terrible people !
They’re not
Who do you Hate?
I hate a lot of things
I try not to
But I think I do
Don’t you?
The difference in our hatred of things is it can never compete with the myopic ever consuming Hatred professional haters feel ...
The Skinheads in the eighties were scary .
We encountered them on many an occasion ...
But once we started separating them ... and started charging them ... and suing them they shriveled ... poor little rich boys in their 200 dollar doc martens going to court with daddy in a blue suit and oxfords ...
I understand ignoring things don’t make them go away but neither does amplifying them just for more fuel and fodder for the 24 minute news cycle ...

There will always be shitty people ... unfortunately these shitty people have a shitty president in there corner ...

I have no solution

But I live my life in a manner of respect for my fellow citizens and embrace those with different view points and opinions .. and I pray that those misguided will seek a higher calling someday and have the courage to turn themselves around ...

Keep the change

Think for Yourself

Vote Local
City Council Mayor etc.

Lobby your officials to change the property tax structure!!!
Create a pioneer program that doesn’t penalize citizens that have held peaceful homes in gentrified neighborhoods !!

Support your independent coffee shop restaurant clothing store hardware store pharmacy Record store

Turn the Television off

Don’t play the numbers racket scratch offs are a chump move

DUI’s are 7000 dollars 7000 to you
7000 to millionaires
They can destroy your family economy
Take a LYFT
You’ve just profited $6987

Don’t help the loan sharks
Don’t use credit cards for stupid unnecessary things

Everybody join the PTA
If you let ambitious control freaks pick your child’s crappy lunch it’s your fault ...
Stop Making my children buy dry erase markers and anti bacterial soap for the classroom !!
Really ??
build that new school!
Build that new school!
Buy some chalk !
Buy some chalk!

Grass roots movements can be as simple as voting with your dollar ...

Speaking of which if you want to take away the power of the drug dealers
I know the power of drugs is nothing to take lightly and the Heroin culture can not just quit ... what I’m talking about is self indulgent recreational cocaine users. You know who I’m talking about because you probably just quit reading because I was bumming you out ... if one-more freaking dude asks me if I want to party my heads going to explode ... my answer is usually “no thank you ... I prefer not to snort any murder today"

I understand I have done a terrible job of answering these questions on hate and how to heal it ...
but in all honesty
I’m not qualified ...
But I had a thought last week staring at what looked like an insurmountable amount of brush and weeds four feet high ten feet deep 30 yards long ...
Just start
One swing of the swing blade at a time
An hour later stand back
Take a deep breath
And swing
Swing America

Take back YOUR flag
Take back YOUR dignity
Support your Troops and returning veterans
Remember these soldiers are from all neighborhoods
They follow orders
They serve
If you have a Global Warming is Real sticker on your bumper put a Support Your Troops sticker next to it
And vice versa by the way

... that was not a political statement
... that was a people statement

In prose
I close

America homogenized
Truck stop
CVS post apocalyptic
Halloween Heat index
Christmas twinkles
''Once they’ve sold the last
Werewolf plastic mask a dozen drunk people have tried on at 3AM...
Suntrust Parks
Bank of America’s hockey Experience
Mercedes Benz ...

Someday maybe Stay Free Maxi Pad Arena ...
America is for sale
America is on sale
America is having a fucking fire sale
Stay underground boys and girls this to shall pass ...

Our identities have been stripped and I’ve been categorized.
The people don’t want banks and ex Nazi conglomerate factories sponsoring our arenas ...
No one fucking asked us
Maybe only those companies that sponsor those mega stadiums should be the only ones allowed in ...
“ tonight final attendance tonight ... 368 !!!”

T shirt guns pop off as the Mass of people in the upper deck fight for a free Starbucks golf visor..
This is only an example of the disappoint I’ve seen in the horizon ...
I know it’s not linear thinking but I feel like
Once the corporations of America have boiled us down to a predictable mass of non confrontation and obedience the board rooms can piece by piece steer our ships where ever they feel the need to unload surpluses of overstock antiquated ideas and doctrines ..
Being different is what makes us great
It’s getting harder and harder to find that small town restaurant off the highway ...
And the interesting local characters that go with it ...

Marching in the streets

The leaders must fall behind to walk with the people.
I wrote that
I grew up in a era in Milwaukee where we had a great civic organizer and champion of the people
Father Groppi
Look him up
He lead people in the streets ... walked with Martin
Luther King
Stood for equal housing
And basic human rights ...
Later as I have moved through a million miles of American highway and see the changing of the landscapes of the broken hearted.
I think it best in the long run a better game plan is infiltration.
Don’t like the IRS
Educate and infiltrate
Don’t like the Police
Educate and infiltrate
Don’t like the housing commission
Educate and infiltrate
Don’t like the loan departments the water company the power company
That’s right educate and infiltrate
Embrace yourself
Get a job on the inside and change what you can

Hire the like minded
Change what you can
Camping out in front of Wall Street was I thought a marvelous display of civil disobedience and art exchange but now what?
Maybe ... Get a job inside that Goliath .


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