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Atlanta according to Johnny Drago

The local playwright, author, and performer on his adopted home

Photo by Steven David Walton
Photo credit: Steven David Walton
Johnny Drago

Local playwright, author, and performer Johnny Drago was born in Louisville, Ky., but has called Atlanta home since 2004. The South, which he says “is like quicksand, inescapable and constant,” often informs his work. As does his sharp sense of humor. He’s currently writing an ’80s teen sex comedy called HOT PINK for production with local company the Weird Sisters Theatre Project and is the spring writer-in-residence for WonderRoot’s Loose Change Magazine.

The first 3 words that come to mind when I think of Atlanta are everything for sale.

The sunset is my favorite view in Atlanta. I’m convinced we have the best evening skies in the world.

Anybody’s pool is my favorite place to go when it’s crazy hot. Doesn’t matter whose, I’m willing to make friends.

Walking around Downtown is the best place to find inspiration in Atlanta. So much potential, it almost feels like a real city.

My favorite nature spot in Atlanta is Esther Peachy Lefevre Park in Cabbagetown. Not much nature to speak of, but it’s my dog’s favorite. A gorgeous view of the skyline and the most terrifying Fourth of July fireworks display in the state.

The moment each spring when the whole city turns green is my favorite Atlanta event.

Taco Town is my favorite neighborhood.

Exactly who is living, working, and playing in all these mixed-use developments is the city’s best kept secret.

Please take me to Margaret Mitchell’s grave on my birthday. We’re birthday twins, so I try to stop by.

I’m currently crushing hard on the superhumans behind Dashboard Co-Op. Wherever they are is the best place to see art in Atlanta.

Lois Reitzes is my favorite living Atlantan. Her April Fool’s Day prank was hilarious and strange, and I miss her intellect and enthusiasm during my morning drive.

The way the Bank of America building follows you around town, constantly peering over your shoulder like a jealous lover is the weirdest thing about Atlanta.

My favorite place to eat and drink too much is Hae Woon Dae Korean BBQ!

The fact that, more and more often, I find myself giving directions based on where things used to be is my biggest pet peeve about Atlanta.

The Atlanta of the future includes world-class public transportation!

I decided to make Atlanta home because I’ve made so many creative, funny, and talented friends here.

The best advice I could give an Atlanta visitor is have breakfast in as many places as possible.